Not Always Saving the World, Here are 4 Evil Version of Avengers

As we know, Avengers is one of Marvel’s most famous superhero teams. As one of the superhero teams, of course, the Avengers’ main goal is to protect Earth from various threats. Even so, there are variants of Avengers who bring destruction or do not care about the condition of the Earth. Therefore, this time we will discuss the evil version of the Avengers team.

For those of you who don’t know Marvel has a Multiverse concept, with this concept, there are several variants for superheroes and supervillains, so it’s not strange that there is an evil version of the Avengers.


Here’s the Evil version of the Avengers

Who are the evil versions of the Avengers team that we will be discussing this time? If you are curious and want to know, you can see the full discussion below.

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1. Dark Avengers

Dark Avengers | Avengers versi jahat
Dark Avengers | Marvel Comics

The first evil Avengers team is the Dark Avengers. For those of you who don’t know, this team first appeared in the Dark Avengers #1 comic in 2009. Norman Osborn or Green Goblin was the one who founded this team.

So after the events of Secret Invasion, the Government and Society viewed Norman Osborn as a hero. While the original Avengers disbanded, Norman assumed the identity of Iron Patriot and began recruiting the superhero Sentry as well as a number of villains disguised as superheroes.

At first, Norman and the Dark Avengers were fighting the bad guys. But the fact is revealed that his real goal is that all his crimes go smoothly.

2. Liberators

Liberators |

The next evil version of the Avengers team is the Liberators. So in the Ultimate Universe, there is a supervillain team that has a composition like the Avengers, the team is called Liberators, this group consists of The Colonel (Captain America), Abomination (Hulk), Crimson Dynamo (Iron Man), Perun (Thor), Hurricane (Quicksilver), Swarm (Wasp), and Loki.

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The goal of the Liberators is to destroy America, because they think the country has oppressed other countries. In the process, the Liberators must deal with the Ultimate Universe version of the Avengers.

3. Revengers

Revengers | Avengers versi jahat
Revengers |

The next evil Avengers team is the Revengers. For those of you who don’t know, this team is the Avengers from the Cancerverse. Now in that Universe there are no living superheroes, only superheroes whose hearts have become evil.

The supervillains there devoted themselves to the evil entity Many-Angled One by establishing the Revengers. Interestingly, these Revengers members cannot die, even superheroes from the Earth-616 universe have tried to eradicate them, but the Revengers always bounce back.

4. Zombie Avengers

Zombie Avengers
Zombie Avengers |

The last evil Avengers team is the Zombie Avengers. You must have heard of the Marvel Zombie universe, told that the universe experienced a zombie outbreak that spread very quickly.

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The plague even affects superheroes including members of the Avengers from that universe. When Galactus from the main universe came to the universe to eat Earth, instead of successfully eating Earth, he fell prey to the zombies from the universe.

This is the list of the evil version of the Avengers team in the Marvel Universe. After reading this article and seeing the list, which team do you think is the coolest? Then don’t forget to always visit Dafunda.

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