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4 Hulk’s Son Who Have Great Power in the Marvel Universe

The Hulk is one of Marvel’s most famous superheroes. It’s so famous that when people see a figure with a big, green body, they immediately think of the Hulk. Speaking of Hulk, this time we will discuss Hulk’s son in the Marvel Universe.

Although this Hulk has a large body and is green like a monster. But still, he is a living being and the original Hulk is another personality of Bruce Banner, so it is only natural that Bruce can have children or offspring.


Here’s Hulk’s Son in the Marvel Universe

Who are the Hulk’s children in the Marvel Universe? If you’re curious, you can check out the full list below.

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1. Skaar

Skaar the son of Marvel's Hulk
Skaar | Marvel Comics

The first Hulk child in the Marvel Universe is Skaar. So according to the story, Skaar is the son of Hulk and Caiera, Hulk met Caiera when he was on the planet Sakaar.

According to the story, Skaar was born through a magical cocoon at the end of World War Hulk. The reason why is because Caiera died right before giving birth to Skaar. It is said that Skaar has the strength, endurance, and even intelligence to rival the Hulk, and he also has the cosmic power of Old Power from his mother.

2. Hiro-Kala

Hiro Kala | Marvel's Hulk's son
Hiro Kala |

The next Hulk child in the Marvel Universe is Hiro-Kala. So Hiro-Kala is Skaar’s younger brother who was also born into a magical cocoon on Planet Sakaar. Unlike Skaar, who has the physique of the Hulk.

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Hiro-Kala has the physique of his mother, in terms of strength, Hiro-Kala also fully inherited the power of Old Power from his mother. With that power, he can shape-shift manipulate elements, and fire them as projectiles. The only power the Hulk has passed down to him is his regeneration.

3. Carmilla Black

Carmilla Black
Carmilla Black |

The next Hulk child in the Marvel Universe is Carmilla Black. So there’s a scientist called Advanced Idea Mechanics, who once claimed that he had a child from the Hulk named Carmilla Black.

Carmilla Black looks nothing like the Hulk, and while on assignment, she learns that Bruce Banner is her father. Although he does not have Gamma power, he has a left hand that was mutated as a result of A.I.M.’s experiments.

4. Lyra

Lyra |

The last Hulk child in the Marvel Universe is Lyra. According to the story, the Hulk of the main universe visited another dimension. On the way, he met and became acquainted with a woman named Thundra.

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Long story short, Hulk returned to his world, and it was revealed that Thundra gave birth to a daughter named Lyra. Now in terms of appearance, Lyra is similar to the Hulk, although Lyra inherited the Hulk’s strength, but she cannot detect the weakness of the enemy she is facing.

Lyra also pursued the Hulk into the main universe and became a student of the Avengers Academy.

This is the list of Hulk’s children in the Marvel Universe. After reading this article and seeing the list, who do you think looks the most like the Hulk? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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