8 Marvel Characters Who Have Been Galactus

Galactus is one of the Marvel entities whose size is very large and also very strong. Because he has a very large body size, Galactus is known as an entity that likes to devour many planets. Even so, it turns out that Galactus has a number of variants, some of which are incarnations of the character. Therefore, this time we will discuss Marvel characters who have been Galactus.

The characters we will be discussing are mostly popular characters who, due to one or two events, had to become Galactus or fill Galactus’ shoes to keep the universe on track.


Here are the Marvel Characters Who Have Been Galactus

So who are the characters in Marvel comics who have been Galactus? Here’s the full list and discussion below.

1. Deadpool

Deadpool 1
Deadpool | Marvel

The first Marvel character to ever become Galactus is Deadpool. As we know Deadpool is one of the most popular Anti-Hero characters, because every time he acts there is always a funny moment that happens.

In the comic Deadpool Kills Deadpool #2 there is a variant of Deadpool called Dreadpool, he travels around the multiverse to finish off the original Deadpool. In the process he created a supervillain team consisting of other Deadpool variants and one of the members was Galactipool, a Deadpool variant who became a multi-planet eater just like Galactus.

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2. Wolverine

Wolverine 1
Wolverine | Marvel

The next Marvel character who has been Galactus is Wolverine. As we know Wolverine is one of the most popular members of X-Man. So in the comic Secret Wars: Battleworld #3.

Wolverine once collected many of his variants on Battleworld, a planet made by Doctor Doom. The reason why he collected his variants was to defeat Wolverine’s evil army formed by Mojo and there was one moment Wolverine who became Galactus appeared, although only his hands were seen, but his size was very large and had giant adamantium claws.

3. Hulk

Hulk 2
Hulk | Marvel

The next Marvel character who was once Galactus is the Hulk. There must be many who did not expect that this character with a large body and great strength was once a variant of Galactus.

So in Immortal Hulk #25, we are told that the Hulk became Galactus’ replacement because he killed the entity. With a new name, Breaker-Apart, Hulk, who has gamma and cosmic powers, managed to destroy many lives.

4. Emma Frost

Emma Frost
Emma Frost | Marvel

Then there’s Emma Frost. For those of you who don’t know, Emma Frost is a Marvel character who is famous for her beauty and sexiness. In addition, she is also a mutant who certainly has superpowers.

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So in an alternate universe story, Emma Frost, who became the Silver Surfer’s wife, became Galactus’ replacement after Reed Richards and Doctor Doom from the main universe swapped minds with Galactus. They had implanted a new purpose in Emma so that her version of Galactus would bring life.

5. Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards 1
Franklin Richards | Marvel

The next Marvel character who was once Galactus is Franklin Richards. For those of you who don’t know, from the beginning Reed Richards’ son was destined to be Galactus’ replacement when the universe was destroyed.

Of course, this is not without reason, because Franklin has an omnipotent power that makes him able to do anything. What’s interesting is that in Earth X comic #2, Franklin becomes Galactus and has to deal with the Fantastic Four.

6. Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom | Marvel

The next Marvel character who was once Galactus is Doctor Doom. As we know Doctor Doom is one of the iconic enemies of the Fantastic Four. In the comic Infinity Wars: Infinity Warps #1.

Doctor Doom was once told to unite with Galactus and become a new character called Doctor Doomactus. Given that 2 evil characters joined forces, of course his nature is still the same as before. According to the story, Doomactus wants the entire universe to worship him.

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7. Ultron

Ultron | Marvel

Then there is Ultron. As we know Ultron is one of the supervillains who really hates Iron Man and the Avengers. Ultron’s goal is to eliminate all living things on Earth and turn them into AI.

In the Millennial Visions #1 story, Ultron once appeared as an incarnation of Galactus. Initially starting from the Red Surfer who wanted to resurrect Galactus, in the process, the Surfer combined Galactus’ body with Ultron’s body parts. Thus creating Ultron-Galactus.

8. Uatu

Uatu | Marvel

The last Marvel character to ever be Galactus is Uatu. For those of you who don’t know, this character is a cosmic entity whose job is to watch over Earth and all its events.

But instead of watching over the Earth that was about to be eaten by Galactus, Uatu helped the Earth by killing Galactus. As punishment, the Council of Watchers sentenced Uatu by turning him into a replacement for Galactus. Although Uatu was starving, he preferred to let go of Earth and everything in it.

Those are some Marvel characters who have been Galactus. After reading this article and seeing the list, who do you think is the most suitable character to replace Galactus?

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