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10 Marvel Characters With Small Bodies

Marvel comics are one of the most famous franchises. The problem is that this franchise tells about the world of superheroes that are full of action, then the characters in Marvel comics are very many, they have different strengths and appearances too. Speaking of characters in Marvel comics, this time we will discuss Marvel characters with small bodies.

The characters we will discuss have powers that can change their body size. In addition, there are also some characters who have a very small size from the beginning.


Here are the Marvel Characters with Small Bodies

So who are the characters in Marvel comics who have small bodies? If you want to know, you can check out the full discussion below.

1. Ant-Man

Ant Man | karakter Marvel dengan tubuh kecil
Ant Man | Marvel Comics

The first Marvel character with a small body is Ant-Man. As we know Ant-Man is one of the most famous Marvel superheroes, and he is also a member of the Avengers.

Well Ant-Man is a human, and his body size is also the same as ordinary humans in general. But with the armor he uses, Ant-Man can change his body size to be very small or very large.

2. The Wasp

The Wasp | karakter Marvel dengan tubuh kecil
The Wasp | Marvel Comics

The next Marvel character with a small body is The Wasp. As we know The Wasp is one of Marvel’s superheroes whose strength is not much different from Ant-Man, where he can change his body size to be big or small.

The difference is, if Ant-Man’s armor is like everything, then The Wasp’s armor is like a bee where The Wasp also has wings that can make her fly.

3. Yellowjacket

Yellowjacket | karakter Marvel dengan tubuh kecil
Yellowjacket |  | Marvel Comics

The next Marvel character with a small body is Yellowjacket. Just like the previous two characters, Yellowjacket is an ordinary human using a special armor, with this armor he can change his body size to be large or small.

If the previous two characters are superheroes, then Yellowjacket is a villain. Since Yellowjacket is a villain, he makes it to the list of supervillains with big and small body sizes.

4. Throg

Throg | karakter Marvel dengan tubuh kecil
Throg | Marvel Comics

Then there is Throg, for those of you who don’t know there is a moment where Thor is hit by magic from Loki and makes him turn into a frog. Even though at that time Thor turned into a frog, he still had the consciousness and strength of a God.

In the story, Thor adventures and becomes the hero of the frogs in a war between frogs and mice. After the incident Thor with the hammer Mjolnir immediately looked for Loki and planned to defeat him in order to return to normal.

5. Sprout Groot

Sprout Groot
Sprout Groot | Marvel Studios

The next Marvel character with a small body is Sprout Groot. So in one of the moments, Groot once sacrificed himself to save his friends and left a sprout.

Well from these buds, Groot came back to life, even so this Groot bud does not retain any memories from his previous life. But Groot’s nature and intelligence still remain the same and continue to carry over until he grows up.

6. Baby Groot

Baby Groot
Baby Groot | Marvel

The next Marvel character with a small body is Baby Groot. As we discussed in the previous point, Groot had sacrificed himself and grew new shoots that would later become the next Groot.

After passing the budding phase, Groot will leave his pot and finally have legs that can make him walk. When he was baby Groot, he was very active and moved around a lot.

7. Howard the Duck

Howard The Duck
Howard The Duck | Marvel

Then there’s Howard the Duck. For those of you who don’t know, Howard is a Marvel character who was quite popular in 1986. He comes from a parallel dimension, where those who develop and have minds are not humans, but winged animals.

Howard was bounced into an interdimensional portal until he finally appeared in the world of Marvel’s main characters. Interestingly, not many people find Howard strange, even though Howard is a talking duck.

8. Doop

Doop |

The next Marvel character with a small body is Doop. For those of you who don’t know, Doop is a member of the X-Force superhero group that changed its name to X-Static. The goal of this group is to commercialize their group by recording their actions.

Doop has a role to record the actions of X-Static members. Even so, Doop is often considered useless by his colleagues, because he prefers to record what he thinks is beautiful rather than recording the actions of his friends.

9. Moon Girl

Moon Girl
Moon Girl | Marvel

Then there’s Moon Girl. For those of you who don’t know Moon Girl or Lunella Lafayette is a children’s superhero released in 2015, even though she is still a child but Lunella often acts like a superhero.

She has a red dinosaur companion known as Devil Dinosaur. In Marvel comics, it is said that Lunella has been to the moon so she got the nickname Moon Girl.

10. Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon | Marvel

The last Marvel character with a small body is Rocket Raccoon. For you Marvel fans, you must know this character. Rocket Raccoon is indeed a unique character.

Although he has the appearance of a raccoon, he has excellent shooting skills and weapons knowledge. Since his experiment, Rocket Raccoon’s body has never grown again.

Those are some Marvel comic characters with small bodies. After reading this article and seeing the list, who do you think is the smallest but has the most power? Then don’t forget to always visit Dafunda.

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