Marvel Finally Confirms the Fastest Superhero in the Multiverse

Marvel is one of the most popular superhero franchises. Marvel is so popular that it has many characters with cool superpowers and also has a Multiverse concept. Interestingly, some time ago, Marvel Comics confirmed the fastest superhero in the Multiverse.

In accordance with the discussion, this character has the ability to move very quickly, and of course this ability is quite common for superhero franchises, especially Marvel. Because there are not just one or two characters with such abilities, but many.

Marvel Confirms Fastest Superhero in the Multiverse

Marvel confirms the fastest superhero in the multiverse
Marvel Confirms Fastest Superhero in the Multiverse | Marvel Comics

According to the information we got, the fastest superhero in the Multiverse that Marvel is referring to is Ghost Rider. Hearing the name Ghost Rider, surely Marvel fans feel no strange, because this one character is indeed included in the fastest character.

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The reason for this is because Ghost Rider has a Hell Charger vehicle that takes on supernatural powers bestowed by the Spirit of Vengeance. So in Avengers#50 Ghost Rider’s encounter with Deathlok revealed that when the Hell Charger was pushed to its maximum potential, it could move faster than anything in the Multiverse.

That’s even more impressive considering the Marvel Universe recently got its own version of Flash known as Blur. If Ghost Rider’s car is faster than any character, then the Spirit of Vengeance can be considered the fastest creature.

At first we see Ghost Rider only has a vehicle wrapped in fire, the goal is to make it more durable and get additional effects. But if what Deathlok said is true, then all Ghost Riders can turn their vehicles into the fastest in the Multiverse.

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Ghost Rider Hell Charger is Faster Than Marvel’s Speedster

Ghost Rider Hell Charger is Faster Than Marvel's Speedster
Ghost Rider Hell Charger Lebih Cepat Dari Speedster Marvel | Marvel Comics

Seeing this explanation, many assume that the Hell Charger is faster than Marvel’s Speedster. This power may not belong to Ghost Rider personally, but only he can use the Hell Charger. Making Hell Charger his exclusive power.

As we mentioned earlier. Hell Charger is just like DC’s Flash, where Hellcharger can enter different universes thanks to his speed. Hence now Ghost Rider’s speed has no limit, and if he can master it, then there is no place he cannot reach.

That’s the discussion about Marvel confirming the fastest superhero in the Multiverse. After reading this article, do you think Ghost Rider deserves the nickname as the fastest character? Then don’t forget to always visit Dafunda.

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