5 Most Powerful Super Serums in the Marvel Universe

Hello Marvel Comics fans, this time we will discuss the strongest Super Serums in the Marvel Universe, which can make users very strong.

As we know, the Marvel Universe is a Marvel comic universe that contains many characters with superpowers. Most of them have powers from birth, but there are also some characters who get superpowers from experiments. Therefore, this time Dafunda wants to invite you to discuss the strongest super serum in the Marvel Universe.

As the name implies, this serum gives superpowers to its users. Usually, characters who use this serum initially have no strength at all and after using it, immediately gain great strength.

List of Super Serums in the Marvel Universe

So what super serums are there in the Marvel Universe? For those of you who want to know, you can see the complete list and discussion below.

1. Super Soldier

Super Serums Marvel Universe
Super Soldier | Marvel Studio

The first super-powerful serum in the Marvel Universe is Super Soldier. For those of you fans of the Marvel series or have watched Marvel movies, you must know this serum. So according to the story this serum was perfected by Dr. Erskine.

This Super Soldier serum can turn its users who are ordinary humans into superhumans. The famous character using this serum is Captain America, although Captain America is a hero, but not all users of this serum become superheroes, some become supervillains such as Red Skull and U.S. Agent.

2. Goblin Formula

Goblin Formula | Serum Super di Marvel Universe
Goblin Formula |

The next most powerful super serum in the Marvel Universe is Goblin Formula. For those of you who have watched the Spider-Man movie, you must have heard of this serum. As the name implies, this serum turns Norman Osborn into the Green Goblin.

Although the Goblin Formula gave Norman Osborn superhuman strength, it had the side effect of corrupting the user’s mind and turning him into a villain.

3. Golden Sentry

Super Serums Marvel Universe
Golden Sentry | Marvel Comics

The next most powerful super serum in the Marvel Universe is Golden Sentry. For those of you who don’t know, Golden Sentry is a super serum born from Project Sentry in 1947, Weapon X scientists and former Nazi scientists tried to update Dr. Erskine’s Super Soldier Serum.

The result of the experiment was the Golden Sentry who was said to be stronger than Super Soldier, and it turned out to be true, because Robert Reynolds accidentally consumed the serum and he gained superhuman strength equivalent to the explosion of a thousand Suns.

4. Calypso

Calypso | Marvel Comics

Then there is Calypso, if the previous serum was made from chemicals, then it is different with this serum. So Dr. Calypso Ezili made this serum from various plants in the forest. She deliberately made this serum for Kraven the Hunter, so that he could become the best hunter in Russia.

Although Kraven the Hunter managed to obtain superhuman strength that could increase his physical strength many times over, the serum instead gave Kraven the Hunter the effect of hunting down animal humans, including Spider-Man.

5. Infinity Formula

Infinity Formula | Marvel Comics

The last super-powerful serum in the Marvel Universe is Infinity Formula. Unlike the previous serum that turns ordinary people into superhumans. This serum instead gives the effect of longevity to its users.

It was originally created by Sir Isaac Newton in the early 17th century, and later updated by Sternberg. The first person to use this drug was Nick Fury, so it’s no wonder that he stays young and always in his prime.

This is the list of the most powerful super serums in the Marvel Universe. After reading this article and seeing the list, which serum do you think is the best and not risky? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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