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7 Most Sadistic Thanos Deaths in Marvel Comics

Thanos is one of the most popular villains in the Marvel Universe, he is a Mutant from the Eternals race. If you have forgotten, Eternals is a superior race that has extraordinary powers, this is the reason why Thanos is so strong. Although Thanos is strong, he has lost several times. Therefore this time we will discuss most sadistic Thanos death in Marvel.

Thanos is the son of Eternals A’lars and Sui-San and also his brother Eros. Although Thanos is an Eternals, but because there is a disorder, his appearance is much different from his parents and brother.

Most Sadistic Thanos Death

Here’s a complete list and discussion of the most sadistic and epic Thanos deaths in Marvel.

1. Turned into Stone

Most Sadistic Thanos Deaths
Turned to Stone | Marvel Comics

Thanos’ first sadistic death was turning to stone. So in Two-In-One Annual #2, Thanos defeated the Avengers and killed Adam Warlock. Realizing his fate was on the line, Spider-Man and The Thing immediately launched an attack on Thanos.

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In the attack Spider-Man managed to free the Avengers, while they were fighting, Spider-Man stole the Soul Stone and freed Adam Warlock. Adam immediately attacked Thanos and turned him into stone.

2. Shattered to Pieces

Shattered to Pieces
Shattered to Pieces | Marvel Comics

The next most sadistic Thanos death is broken into pieces. This moment occurred when Thanos fought Deadpool, at that time Death rejected Thanos’ feelings for the umpteenth time. Getting a response like that Thanos went berserk and wanted to kill Deadpool.

Seeing this, Eternity came and launched an attack on Thanos and Deadpool. In short, Deadpool realized that Thanos and Death would finish Eternity, so Deadpool made a contract with Eternity and got the power of Uni-Power.

With this power Deadpool managed to stop Thanos’ attack, then Deadpool attacked Thanos and smashed Thanos’ body to pieces.

3. Killed by Drax

Killed by Drax
Killed by Drax | Marvel Comics

Thanos’ next most sadistic death was being killed by Drax. In the Annihilation comic, Drax is on a mission to kill Thanos who is allied with Annihilus. The combination of the two is so extraordinary that it can capture Galactus.

Knowing Annihilus’ plan, Thanos decided to prevent Annihilus’ plan. But suddenly Drax arrived and quickly punched Thanos in the back until it pierced his chest. Then Drax pulled out Thanos’ heart and let Thanos just die.

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4. Blown Up By Thane

Blown Up By Thane
Blown Up By Thane | Marvel Comics

Then Thanos died blown up by Thane. For those of you who don’t know, Thanos has a son named Thane, but the relationship between the two of them is not going well. In Thanos comic #6, we can see the conflict between Thanos and Thane.

Continuing to enlist the help of Starfox, Nebula, and Tryco to steal the Phoenix egg from Terrax. Unbeknownst to his partner, Thane made a contract with Lady Death to gain the power of the Phoenix Force. After gaining the power of the Phoenix Force, he attacked Thanos blindly and eventually blew up Thanos’ body.

5. Die Fighting Doctor Doom

Most Sadistic Thanos Deaths
Die Fighting Doctor Doom | Marvel Comics

Thanos’ next most sadistic death was to die while fighting Doctor Doom. In the Secret Wars #9 comic we can see Thanos fighting Doctor Doom, but we need to remember that Doom who Thanos fought had received the power of God.

Even though Thanos knew he was losing in terms of strength, he didn’t back down at all. During the battle, Doom quickly defeated Thanos, even worse, Doom managed to remove Thanos’ spine easily.

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6. Heart of The Universe

Heart of The Universe
Heart of The Universe | Marvel Comics

Thanos’ next most sadistic death was for using the Heart of The Universe. At that time Thanos decided to suck the entire universe and create it again. However, this action actually made the Heart of The Universe destroyed and Thanos himself was destroyed.

It turns out that Thanos’ death caused by the Heart of the Universe is not permanent, so Thanos can come back to life.

7. Thanos vs Annihilus

Thanos vs Annihilus
Thanos vs Annihilus | Marvel Comics

Thanos’ last sadistic death was against Annihilus. So when Thanos fought Annihilus, he was thrown and teleported to the limbo zone. Now in that place Thanos cannot escape or get out of that place.

But in the end Thanos realized that death was the only way to get out of that place. Thanos then destroys his own head and dies on the spot, but Thanos is revived by Lady Death and can be free from that place.

Those are some of the most sadistic Thanos deaths in Marvel Comics. After reading this article and seeing the list, which story do you like about Thanos dying? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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