The Origin of Morbius, Spider-Man’s Enemy With Vampire Powers

Sony continues to develop its own cinematic universe filled with Spider-Man characters. After the box office success of Venom, Sony will be releasing Morbius, one of Spider-Man’s villains with vampire powers.

The Morbius trailer has been released and confirmed that it will take place in the MCU. Michael Morbius is seen interacting with a villain who appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Vulture, played by Michael Keaton.

Well, while waiting for the Morbius film to be released, this time Dafunda Komik will invite you to get to know more about the origin of Morbius The Living Vampire. Without further ado, here’s the discussion.

Origin of Morbius

Morbius the Living Vampire | Marvel Comics

Dr. Michael Morbius is a Greek-born scientist who became a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist. He suffers from a rare blood disease that weakens her. Morbius then developed an experimental treatment involving vampire bats.

He may be cured, but has to accept the side effects that turn him into a Vampire and needs to consume blood in order to survive. Like a Vampire, she is afraid of the sun, has the ability to fly, has bat-like strength, speed, and healing.

Morbius’ overall appearance has also changed. He now has fangs, his nose is flat, and his skin has become very pale. In addition, the victims of its bite will turn into vampires who live alone. When he first experienced the change, he killed the assistant who helped him develop this experiment.

Morbius’ First Meeting with Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider Man
The Amazing Spider Man | Marvel Comics

In The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #101 comic, Morbius travels to the United States by ship. As his bloodlust could not be curbed, he finished off and slaughtered the crew.

Morbius tried to commit suicide but failed and hid in a house where he met Spider-Man, who at the time, was trying to reverse the process that left him with six arms. Morbius attacks Spider-Man, but their battle is interrupted by Dr. Connors who transforms into The Lizard.

Morbius escaped and managed to bite Connors and get half of his body back to normal. Spider-Man and Connors realized that Morbius’ blood could be a cure for both of them and decided to work together.

They searched for him and managed to extract some of Morbius’ blood. Connors eventually remained human (not turning into the Lizard again) and Spider-Man managed to get rid of his extra arm.

The power of Morbius

Morbius The Living Vampire
Morbius The Living Vampire | Marvel Comics

1. Vampire Power

Morbius has been transformed into a creature similar to a vampire. Because of this he possesses a number of superhuman abilities similar to those possessed by true vampires. Morbius may not be a true vampire because the source of his transformation is scientific and not mystical/supernatural.

2. Has Fangs & Claws

Morbius has elongated canines that he uses to pierce the flesh of other creatures for the purpose of consuming their blood. Morbius can use his fangs as weapons in close combat situations. He also has claws coming out of each of his fingers. With these claws, it is able to tear through human flesh and bones with ease.

3. Super Healing

Like a true vampire, Morbius has a fast healing ability. This allows it to regenerate damaged body tissues faster and to a greater extent than normal humans.

Injuries such as gunshots, slashes, and burns can heal within minutes or hours, depending on their severity. Even so, Morbius’ healing powers are not enough to regenerate lost limbs or organs.

4. Sensory Sensitivity

origin of Morbius
Morbius | Marvel Comics

Morbius’ sense of sight and smell are enhanced far beyond normal humans. Morbius is able to detect objects with perfect clarity. He can see the object clearly, even if his environment is in total darkness.

He can also see the infrared end of the electromagnetic spectrum. This allows her to see a person at night from their body heat. Its sense of smell is also enhanced and it is able to detect the scent of blood in the air from a great distance.

5. Superhuman Powers

Morbius has superhuman strength (which depends on the amount of blood and type of blood he consumes). At the height of his powers, Morbius had superhuman strength strong enough to lift 680 kg.

6. Hypnosis

Morbius | Marvel Comics

Morbius can hypnotize others if they look directly into his eyes long enough. When under his control, Morbius usually has complete control over the individual. If one has a strong enough will and determination, they can resist or avoid these forces.

7. Can Fly

Through mediation, Morbius can fly through the air. However, it can only fly at a speed of about 56 km/h and the flight distance is also not long.

8. Eternal

Spider Man Alien Reality
Spider Man Alien Reality | Marvel Comics

In the comic Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality #3, Morbius claims he does not age.

Morbius’ weaknesses

  • One of Morbius’ weaknesses is that if he does not consume fresh blood for a week, he will become weak and will lose control.
  • Although it cannot be killed by sunlight, Morbius’ skin and eyes are extremely sensitive if exposed to sunlight continuously.

Morbius Profile

Original NameDr. Michael Morbius
EducationBiochemist and Blood Disease Expert
AliasMorbius The Living Vampire
CreatorRoy Thomas dan Gil Kane
First AppearanceAmazing Spider-Man #101 (Oktober 1971)

That’s a little introduction and origin of Morbius from Marvel Comics. A little information, Morbius is scheduled for release on July 31, 2020.

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