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5 Sources of Cosmic Power in the Marvel Universe

Hello Marvel fans, this time we will discuss the source of cosmic power in the Marvel Universe. Want to know where it came from?

The Marvel Universe is the universe of Marvel superhero comics. As a universe, it is appropriate that there are many characters with extraordinary powers, including cosmic powers. Speaking of cosmic powers, you must be wondering where these powers come from, and why many characters have them. Therefore, this time we will discuss the source of cosmic power in the Marvel Universe.

As we mentioned earlier with cosmic power is an great power, where the user can do anything. Like controlling energy, controlling death or controlling life.

Sources of Cosmic Power in the Marvel Universe

So where does cosmic power come from? For those of you who want to know the source of cosmic power, you can check out the list below.

1. Infinity Stone

sources cosmic power marvel
Infinity-stone | Mavel Studios

The first source of cosmic power is the Infinity Stone. As we know Infinity Stones or Infinty Gems are stones that give cosmic powers to their owners. Each universe has 6 Infinity Stones, each stone representing Space, Reality, Power, Mind, Time, and Soul.

When the Infinity Stone is used simultaneously, it will produce enormous power. The power of the six Infinty Stones was shown by Thanos where he managed to destroy half the life in the universe, with just a flick of the finger.

2. Yggdrasill


The next source of cosmic power is Yggdrasill. Hearing the name alone may be familiar to you, this legendary tree comes from Nordic mythology. But it turns out that in the Marvel Universe, Yggdrasill also exists, even the tree is one of the sources of cosmic power.

According to the story, Asgard’s All-Father Odin has always utilized the power of Yggdrasill to maintain the balance of the universe. The problem is that this tree of life gives its users the power to manipulate reality to an omnipotent level. Even Doctor Strange once used the power of Yggdrasill to fight Loki.

3. Phoenix Force


The next source of cosmic power is the Phoenix Force. For those of you who don’t read Marvel comics, you must be quite familiar with the Phoenix Force. According to the story, Phoenix Force is one of the oldest cosmic entities that is often described as a figure of creation and destruction in the universe.

No one knows what its purpose is, but what is certain is that the Phoenix Force always lends its power to living beings. One Marvel character who is famous as a Phoenix Force user is Jean Grey.

4. Enigma Force

sources cosmic power marvel

Then there is the Enigma Force. This cosmic power source is often associated with a Marvel character named Captain Universe. With this power, Captain Universe can manipulate elements and energy, fly, and have unlimited super strength and speed.

At a certain level, the Enigma Force can control life and death throughout the universe. Besides Captain Universe, other famous characters who have used this power include Spider-Man, Hulk, and Silver Surfer.

5. Power Cosmic


The last source of cosmic power is Power Cosmic. For those of you who don’t know, this power is only possessed by giant cosmic entities such as Celestial and Galactus. Galactus often lends a little of his power to the Herald of Galactus.

This power gives the user unlimited powers such as destructive force, super speed, control of matter and energy, and manipulation of time. But unfortunately, in order to get this power, prospective users must be willing to become Galactus’ subordinates.

This is the list of cosmic power sources in the Marvel Universe. After reading this article and seeing the list, which one do you think has the most power? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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