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5 Strongest Venoms in the Marvel Universe

Here are the 5 most powerful Venoms in the Marvel universe. As we all know, Spider-Man’s nemesis, Venom, is one of the strongest and terrifying characters in the Marvel universe.

And in fact, the strongest Venom is not the original Eddie Brock. WHAAATT…? That’s right guys. And here are the 5 strongest Venoms in the Marvel universe.

5. Kingpin Venom

strongest venom
Kingpin | Marvel Comics

The strongest Venom in the Marvel universe is Kingpin Venom. This Venom appeared in the Special Anniversary issue of Spider-Man #100. True to his name, Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin hosts Venom and seeks to expand his power.

The combination of the two makes for a crazy combination across the multiverse. With a bunch of organic techno improvements that he made, it allows him to control any machine on the planet.

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4. Punisher Venom

The Strongest Venom
Punisher | Marvel Comics

The next strongest Venom in the Marvel universe is the badass The Punisher. So in comics What If? #44, Frank Castle aka hosted the Venom symbiote while Castle was praying in church.

In addition to possessing the classic Venom powers, The Punisher Venom can also produce deadly bullets. With this power, the Punisher also managed to defeat Spider-man, Daredevil and Moon Knight alone. In fact, he can kill Kingpin quite easily.

3. VEN # M

Ven # M | Marvel Comics

As the name suggests, VEN#M is definitely one of the popular enemies of Peni Parker aka SP//dr. The original figure is Addy Brock Jr. who is trying to achieve popularity like SP//dr.

To achieve this, Addy created a project called VEN#M that combines the biomechanical Sym Engine with robots. Successfully, VEN#M became one of the most powerful and dangerous Venoms in the Marvel universe.

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2. Black Panther Venom (N’gozi)

Black Panther
Black Panther | Marvel Comics

In the comic Venomverse: War Stories #1, N’gozi, is a student at the University of Wakanda, who hosts the symbiote Venom. He then faces one of Spider-Man’s iconic enemies, Rhino.

Successfully defeating Rhino, N’gozi was recognized by the people of Wakanda, and he was appointed as the new Black Panther. Combining the agility and strategy of Black Panther with the power of Venom, Black Panther Venom is the funniest alternate version in the multiverse.

1. Venomsaurus Rex

Venom Tyrannosaurus Rex on the hunt for Old Man Logan
Venomsaurus Rex | Marvel Comics

In an alternate version of Old Man Logan. Hawkeye (Old Man Hawkeye) encounters a Venomized T-Rex that chases him and destroys everything around him. As the name implies, Venom is the result of fusion with one of the world’s most dangerous dinosaurs, the T-Rex.

Fortunately, Hawkeye survived after being helped by Black Bolt who whispered to his T-Rex.
Venomsaurus Rex only appeared briefly, but his brief appearance successfully terrorized all of Marvel.

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Out of the 5 most powerful and dangerous Venoms in the Marvel universe, which one is your favourite?

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