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HoYoverse Showcases 10 New Characters of Genshin Impact Region Fontaine

In anticipation of the release of Genshin Impact v3.8, HoYoverse recently shared a Teaser of 10 New Genshin Impact Region Fontaine Characters. In the video & nbsp;titled “Overture Teaser: The Final Feast”, HoYoverse showed various characters that will play an important role in the Fontaine region’s storyline.

Reflecting on previous updates, HoYoverse will usually announce the splash art of one or more new characters that will populate the next two patches. Considering that version 4.0 is a large version containing new regions, HoYoverse is showing off many characters at once.

There are eleven characters that appear in the teaser. Nine of them are characters whose designs they are showing off for the first time.

New Characters Genshin Impact Region Fontaine

Apart from exploring new areas, players can also meet new characters with different elements. It is likely that the characters we will meet in Fontaine will be playable characters that can be obtained.

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In the video teaser, one of the Fatui Harbringer The Knave Arlecchino is also seen. It is likely that this one character will have an important war in Fontaine later. Still related to the characters that will appear in the Fontaine region.

1. Lyney

2. Lynette

3. Freminet

4. Navia

5. Clorinde

6. Sigewinne

7. Wriothesley

8. Neuvillette

9. Furina (Focalor)

10. “The Knave” Arlecchino

There are interesting things that make the introduction of the Fontaine character more special than the introduction of other regions. For example, such as the appearance of Archon Hydro who resides in Fontaine as a whole.

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In the introduction of Inazuma and Sumeru, each Archon was only shown when it was really close to the date of the big version update. Another unique thing is the appearance of the character Navia as a character confirmed to have Geo Vision.

In addition, Freminet will use Claymore, because it can be seen that Freminet carries a weapon that is large in size, and the weapon is called The Bell, one of the Claymore in Genshin Impact.

This is the information about the new character Genshin Impact region Fontaine. After reading this article, do you hope who will be playable later? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda so as not to miss information about Genshin Impact more from us.

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