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5 Best Android MotoGP Game Recommendations That You Must Try

Dafunda has the best motoGP android games recommendations that you can play on your smartphone. Out of curiosity, here's the summary.

Racing games are one of the most popular game genres. Aside from the interesting games, racing games can also be an alternative for those who have a hobby of racing.Even now racing games are not only played by children, adults are also quite fond of games with gameplay that can make adrenaline as if tested.

The objective in racing games is always to reach the finish line first. But with many variations in gameplay and features offered by each game. With the development of technology, many racing games are now available on smartphones. It’s as if racing game developers are racing to deliver the best racing games.

Speaking of racing, this time Dafunda has the best motoGP games recommendations that you can play on your smartphone. Out of curiosity, here’s the summary.

Best Android MotoGP Games by Dafunda Game

1. MotoGP Racing 20

Download Motogp Racing 20
Download Motogp Racing 20

The first recommendation for the best Android MotoGP game is MotoGP Racing 20. This motoGP game features realistic graphics, making MotoGP Racing 20 one of the most realistic looking games on Android.

In addition, MotoGP Racing 20 also features controls that are quite difficult to perform, which adds to the appeal for people who like challenges.

This app has a lot of cool features that cover a variety of things, including: bikes, riders, circuits, modifying bikes to be fast and stable and others. Crank up the throttle and go faster than anyone else to be the best in every tournament.

Information about MotoGP Racing 20

Game NameMotoGP Racing 20
Release Date10 August 2016
Download Size163 MB
Offered ByWePlay Media LLC
Rating on PlayStore4,3

2. 3D Real Motorcycle Race

Best Android MotoGP Game Recommendations 3D Real Motorcycle Race

The Second Best Android MotoGP Game Recommendation is the 3D Real Motorcycle Race. This game was originally called Real Bike Racing, but for some reason it has now been changed to Real Bike Racing 3D. Besides being strange, the name is also not suitable if it is adjusted to good and correct Indonesian language.

This game is arguably one of the games with fantastic downloads, where until now people who have played this game have reached more than 50 million. It’s not wrong that this game is nominated for the best-selling free favorite game on the play store.

Italic Games, the developer, made the design look as real as possible with stunning effects in every race. Players will be presented with cool actions of the riders during the race.

In this game there are 9 different tracks, 10 characters to choose from and 3 game modes that you can choose from to accompany your gaming activities. Be the best by beating all the riders in every race and the tournament trophy will be in sight.

Information about 3D Real Motorcycle Race

Game Name3D Real Motorcycle Race
Release Date20 September 2016
Download Size20 MB
Offered ByItalic Games
Rating on PlayStore4,2

3. Best Android MotoGP Game: Thrilling MotoGP Racing 3D

Game MotoGP Terbaik Android Thrilling MotoGP Racing 3D

The third best Android MotoGP game recommendation is Thrilling MotoGP Racing 3D. This MotoGP game has a small size but the graphics and sound effects produced are not inferior to the two games above.

Shoot Down Games makes games for users to play both online and offline. With all the advantages, it’s only natural that this game is loved by many small RAM Android users.

Small size, good appearance, many rider characters, unique tracks and many more good supporting features of this Thriling MotoGP Racing 3D game. Choose one of the best bikes and become the winner of each race.

Information about Thrilling MotoGP Racing 3D

Game NameThrilling MotoGP Racing 3D
Release Date12 August 2017
Download Size24,05 MB
Offered ByShoot Down Games
Rating on PlayStore4,0

4. Real Moto

Real Moto

The next best Android MotoGP game recommendation is Real Moto. Real Moto offers racing action that is almost the same as riding a racing bike in person. The echoing sound effects and tricky motorcycle controls make it a challenge to play this game.

Even players will imagine being a classy rider who participates in the race. This is because the effect can be imagined to the human brain. If you don’t believe me, just try it out by downloading the app now.

Various challenges have been provided to accompany users in playing the game, whether it is a circuit with twists and turns, a straight line or weather that can change at any time. You need to maintain maximum stability and focus to get the best results.

Information about Real Moto

Game NameReal Moto
Release Date29 April 2016
Download Size128 MB
Offered ByDreamplay Games
Rating on PlayStore4,1

5. Mini Bikers

Mini Bikers

The last recommendation for the best Android MotoGP game is Mini Bikers. Now that we’ve covered 4 MotoGP games that offer realistic gaming. This last one Dafunda Game will give suggestions for racing games that are funny, and very interesting to play.

The miniature look of the bikes and riders, as well as the graphic effects that go with them make the game seem interesting to play.

Mini Riders is suitable for everyone, because this game made by Ivanofik Games is made for fun. Not only used for racing, players also need to obtain various weapons to hamper the pace of your rivals on the race track.

Information about Mini Bikers

Game NameMini Riders
Release Date20 October 2015
Download Size127 MB
Offered ByIvanovich Games
Rating on PlayStore4,4

Well, that was the recommendation from Dafunda Game regarding the Best Android MotoGP games that you must play. Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda to get recommendations and other interesting news about gaming.

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