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5 Countries With the Most Mobile Legends Players in the World

Mobile Legends is one of the MOBA games that is currently dominating the mobile game market. This game players will be divided into 2 teams where each 1 team contains 5 people, then the two teams will fight to determine who will win. As a Mobile Legends player, you certainly want to know what countries with the most ML players in the world.

Over time gamers who play this game are very much, even this game has gone global. The proof is that every year Moonton always holds international tournaments which are attended by many strong teams from various parts of the world.

Here are the countries with the most ML players in the world

So what countries have many strong players in Mobile Legends? For those of you who want to know, you can see the complete list below.

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1. Indonesia

Indonesia | Negara dengan player ML terbanyak

The country with the most ML players is Indonesia. Actually this is not surprising because considering the number of gamers in Indonesia is very large, then the Mobile Legends gamers community is very solid from loyal.

Since the initial release of this game until now they are still playing and enlivening it. Because of their efforts, many people are starting to look at this game. Apart from its solid community, Indonesia also produces many strong players and pro teams, this can be proven from how Indonesia always participates in the M Series World Championship.

2. Filipina

Countries with the most ML players

The country with the next most ML players is the Philippines. Almost the same as Indonesia, the Mobile Legends tournament competition in the Philippines runs consistently, we can see this with the MPL in the Philippines.

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With so many Mobile Legends gamers in the country, the Philippines is one that can rival Indonesia in Mobile Legends. Even in the M Series World Championship event, the Philippines has won more titles than Indonesia.

3. Malaysia

Countries with the most ML players

The country with the next most ML players is Malaysia. This country, which is a neighbor of Indonesia, apparently has a very large number of players in the country, especially after the MPL Malaysia and MPL Singapore events.

Moonton immediately got a lot of new players from this country. Although not as big as Indonesia, the talent from this country cannot be underestimated, as evidenced by how this country has several strong players.

4. Myanmar


Then there is Myanmar, for those of you who don’t know, some time ago this country was boycotting games from China, including PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends. But surprisingly this country has many gamers who play Mobile Legends.

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Before the boycott Myanmar had a lot of ML players, this was evidenced by how many Myanmar flags were flying, both in the top ranked array, and during the national match.

5. Kamboja

Countries with the most ML players

The country with the most ML players is Cambodia. Maybe many of you are not aware, but Cambodia apparently has many gamers who play Mobile Legends. Although there are already many players, but until now we have not seen players from Cambodia who become stars and are able to surprise in international tournaments.

Thus the list of countries with the most ML players in the world. After reading this article and seeing the list, which country do you think has many strong players in it? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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