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4 Weapons of God of War: Ragnarok Weapons that Can Return Automatically

God of War: Ragonarok is one of the games that has just been released, and the release of the game God of War: Ragnarok managed to attract a lot of attention from gamers. As the title implies, GoW Ragnarok tells the story of Kratos and Arteus who face Ragnarok. But this time we won’t talk about GoW Ragnarok, but God of War weapons that can return automatically.

So what this means is that when the weapon is away from its owner, it can return automatically even if it is blocked by an object of a much larger size or a great distance.

Here’s a God of War Weapon that Can Return Automatically

So what are the weapons in God of War that can return automatically? Here’s the full list and discussion below.

1. Leviathan Axe

Leviathan Axe
Leviathan Axe

The first God of War weapon is the Leviathan Axe. As the name implies, this one weapon is an Axe or Axe made by Brok and Sindri in order to make amends after knowing the massacre Thor committed with Mjolnir.

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After making the axe, the two of them immediately gave it to Laufey, one of the strongest Jotnar. The ability of the Leviathan Axe is that it has ice element magic and can return to its owner automatically. This weapon was created to face Thor’s Mjolnir.

After Laufey died, he passed on the Leviathan Axe to Kratos and we can see from God of War 2018 to God of War: Ragnarok, Kratos still uses the Leviathan Axe as his weapon.

2. Mjolnir


The next God of War weapon is Mjolnir. This weapon is one of the best weapons created by Brok and Sindri, and continues to be the pride of Thor and the Aesir Gods. Thanks to the hammer, Thor can unleash all his power to the maximum.

Then he also managed to slaughter many Jotnar. The effect of this weapon is very strong, so strong Thor can send Jormungandr bouncing across space and time. The cool thing is that if Thor throws Mjolnir or Mjlonir in a distant place, Thor can call the weapon back to him.

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3. Ingrid


The next God of War weapon is Ingrid. Unlike the previous two weapons that were created by Brok and Sindri, information about who created Ingrid has not been revealed. However, this weapon was first seen when Odin lent it to Arteus.

Actually, the sword did not belong to Odin, but to Freya. Freya had told me that her brother lost his sword because Odin disguised himself as a beautiful woman to seduce Freya.

Although Ingrid’s power is not as great as Leviathan Axe and Mjolnir, but Ingrid has her own will and can move according to her will. Given that Ingrid has a will of her own, of course she can return to her owner automatically.

4. Blade of Chaos

Blade Of Chaos
Blade Of Chaos

The last God of War weapon is the Blade of Chaos. Unlike the previous weapons that arguably just appeared, the Blade of Chaos has accompanied Kratos for a long time. Even when facing the Greek Goddess, Kratos already used the Blade of Chaos.

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This one weapon was made directly by Ares and appointed Kratos as its Champion. But did you know, actually the Blade of Chaos cannot be separated from Kratos, this is evident in the God of War comic: Fallen God.

So before getting to Odin’s place of power, Kratos had passed through Egypt. Along the way he threw away the Blade of Chaos several times, but strangely when Kratos fell asleep and woke up from sleep, the Blade of Chaos was automatically in front of Kratos.

These are some of God of War weapons that can return automatically. After reading this article and seeing the list, which weapon would you like to have in the real world? Then don’t forget to always visit Dafunda.

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