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How to Get the Evo Navi Starsea FF Bundle at the FFWS 2022 Event

Garena at the end of November 2022 held Free Fire’s biggest tournament, FFWS 2022. Well, to welcome the arrival of the Free Fire international tournament, Garena held an in-game event. Interestingly, from the event, they presented an Evo Bundle called the Evo Navi Starsea FF Bundle.

Of course, the presence of a special Evo Bundle for the FFWS 2022 event was welcomed by Free Fire players. The players are very enthusiastic about getting this Evo Bundle. Its appearance has also been confirmed by GM Rido Odiri through his YouTube channel, Arido.

Well, in this discussion, Dafunda Game will discuss how to get the Evo Navi Starsea Free Fire Bundle. Come on, let’s see the full review below.

How to Get the Evo Navi Starsea FF Bundle

Bundle Eno Navi Starsea Ff
Bundle Eno Navi Starsea FF | YouTube

GM Rido Odiri, recently confirmed the arrival of the latest Evo Bundle called the Evo Navi Starsea FF Bundle. The bundle is here to enliven the Free Fire World Series 2022 which took place in Bangkok. Well, you can get the Bundle in the Faded Wheel event in the near future.

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Because it includes the Evo Bundle. it is clear that this Bundle can change according to its level. Interestingly, the evolution obtained by players is in the form of color changes, from blue, orange, purple and red. In addition, there are also other changes such as effects and animations that will be cooler to see.

To get this Evo Navi Starsea FF Bundle, as usual you need to top up Diamonds first in large quantities. Then, go to the event menu and select the Faded Wheel event. You are required to discard two prizes that you don’t want first.

The following is how to get the Eno Navi Starsea Free Fire Bundle:

  • Prepare the Diamond first
  • Go to the Faded Wheel event
  • The first spin requires 9 diamonds
  • The price of spins will increase as the number of spins you perform increases
  • Don’t keep forcing the spin every day if you’re unlucky
  • Spin in the final period of the event, because it’s usually luckier
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This is the discussion on how to get the Evo Navi Starsea Free Fire Bundle. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.

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