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How to Play Minecraft for Free on PC

Minecraft has been in our lives for a full decade. Starting out without any crafting, this sand-box game has now become a game loved by so many. For those of you wondering how to play Minecraft for free on PC, we have a very powerful solution.

Minecraft is known to be a paid game. However, as it celebrates its tenth birthday, the game is now free to play. Haven’t played it before and curious how to do it? Check out the tutorial below.

Download Minecraft Java Edition for Windows

How to Play Minecraft for Free on PC

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This free Minecraft version is a creative take on the original classic Minecraft released in 2009. In this version, you’ll actually experience the game as it was when it was first released.
There are no enemies at all, so you don’t have to bother making swords to survive. You can invite up to nine friends to join by sending them a link. Here’s how to play Minecraft for free on PC!

  1. Login Link

    This classic Minecraft doesn’t need to be downloaded. This game can be played from a Web browser and the help of an internet network only. You can simply visit the game’s website via the following link.
    Cara Bermain Minecraft Gratis

  2. Enter Username

    After that, you can enter the username you want.
    Main Minecraft Gratis

  3. Start Game

    Then, hit the Start button to begin playing Minecraft for free. You’ll instantly be logged into a character and have some items on the hotbar.
    Main Minecraft Gratis Pc

  4. Invite Your Friends

    In this version, you can also invite your friends to play together. All you have to do is share your host link and the maximum number of friends that can join is 9.
    Invite Main Minecraft

So, that’s how to play Minecraft for free on PC. Indeed, this version cannot do many things such as crafting or making various objects. But for those who have never played Minecraft, you can also feel or at least know the appearance and gameplay.

Dafunda will now share more tips about Minecraft. If you have any requests, just comment below.

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