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HoYoverse Released Kirara Genshin Impact Demo

With version 3.7 coming soon, HoYoverse recently shared information regarding the Kirara Genshin Impact demo. Kirara will be the first character from Inazuma to be released since the inclusion of Sumeru in version 3.0.

Kirara is a courier of the Komaniya Express. In addition, according to Yae Miko, Kirara has the ability to run faster than General Gorou while on the battlefield.

This happens when he gets the whisper “delivery is almost late”, then his running speed will increase. Other than that, she is a cute Nekomata, especially when she is sleeping. Kirara is the first Dendro character to come from the Inazuma region.

Kirara Genshin Impact Demo

Through the demos that the developer shared, Kirara appeared with two cute spinning tails and a polite demeanor that endeared her to everyone.

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Character Demo - "Kirara: Twin-Tailed Courier" | Genshin Impact

Although cute, it means that Kirara is someone who is weak and easily toyed with. This necomata is definitely not one to be intimidated. Interfering with her work or trying to touch her tail is a grave sin and will definitely cause trouble with Kirara.

She works at Komaniya Express as a gold-level courier. For Kirara, her job is very rewarding. She loves everything that has to do with people and is always happy to see a smile on her customers’ faces.

As long as she can deliver the goods without any interruptions, there should be no problem. Kirara’s presence in Genshin Impact makes her the second catgirl in the game, after Mondstadt’s Diona.

When will Kirara be released?

Kirara Genshin Impact
Kirara Genshin Impact | HoYoverse

Kirara is a Dendro support character with high mobility and the ability to create a shield for allies. Kirara’s Elemental Skill creates a shield that absorbs damage and protects the entire team.

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In addition, by holding down an Elemental Skill, Kirara can enter Neko Parcel’s Urgent state, which significantly increases her movement speed, allowing her to fight more quickly.

Kirara’s Elemental Burst combines her combat and courier abilities by summoning a Special Delivery Package that deals massive Dendro AoE damage to all opponents.

As a character of Genshin Impact  introduced through drip marketing, fans seem to have to be extra patient waiting for the character’s arrival. Kirara will most likely be released in Genshin Impact in the upcoming version 3.7 patch. 

Well, that’s the information about Kirara Genshin Impact characters that you can later play to explore Teyvat. So that you don’t miss information and Tips Genshin Impact from us, make sure you keep visiting Dafunda.

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