Is Dota 2 Still Profitable for Professional Gamers?

Hello gamers, this time we will discuss whether Dota 2 is still profitable for Professional Gamers? Want to know, check here.

Currently the development of esports is rising very rapidly, many people are interested in joining the industry. Because now esports are on the rise and many competitive games are popping up, whether it’s mobile games or PC games. Because there are many competitive games, many gamers are starting to ask whether Dota 2 is still profitable for professional gamers?

As we know, Dota 2 is a MOBA game that has successfully raised esports. The reason is because of the prizes from the Dota 2 International Tournament is so big, and because of that many professional gamers jumped into Dota 2.

Is Dota 2 Still Profitable?

As we’ve discussed before, there are currently many competitive games emerging. Even these games are starting to hold competitions with various kinds of lucrative prizes.

is Dota 2 still profitable

In addition, the popularity of mobile games is also on the rise, making it easier for gamers to play. Unlike in the past where most games were on PCs or consoles, not everyone has a personal PC or console.

Plus, now that there are many mobile games and competitive games on mobile phones, people are choosing to play mobile games instead of PC or console games. Then what about Dota 2?

The reason why many gamers are asking about the condition of Dota 2, is because the game has the largest prize pool in esport history. But unfortunately, there are many gamers who feel that Dota 2 is getting quiet, especially since mobile games have dominated the gaming market.

However, Dota 2 is still profitable for professional gamers. The reason is because the prize pool of Dota 2 is huge, especially for The International Tournament.

According to The International 10, which took place in 2021, the total prize pool reached 40 million US dollars or around IDR 614 billion. Now from this data we can know that Dota 2 is still profitable for professional gamers, even though many competitive games and mobile games have sprung up.

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