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Jagged Alliance 3 Release Date Revealed

THQ Nordic and developer Haemimont Games have just shared the release date for Jagged Alliance 3, which is planned to be released in the near future. Jagged Alliance itself is one of the legendary tactical turn-based game franchises, having been born since 1995.

In the early days of its release, this game was predicted to be XCOM’s main competitor. But unfortunately in recent years the franchise has not been as bright as XCOM with its XCOM 2 series.

Now Haemimont Games as the developer has presented a variety of updates that are certainly much different from its predecessor series. The reason is, the last Jagged Alliance Series entitled Jagged Alliance: Flashback did not really get enough reviews from gamers.

Jagged Alliance 3 Gameplay

Based on confirmed information, Jagged Alliance 3 will be exclusive to PC via Steam. This important announcement also coincides with the release of a new trailer that shows the gameplay system in more detail and also how drastically it has changed from the previous series.

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Jagged Alliance 3 | Feature Trailer

This game still retains the gameplay mechanics and sensations that are still typical of the first two series. It also tries to bring significant changes to maximize the playing experience.

Jagged Alliance still offers a unique blend of strategic management games, a vast world to explore, diverse side missions, deep tactical combat, and memorable characters.

Through the details the developer shared, so far along with the new trailer, Jagged Alliance 3 looks like it manages to bring all the important building blocks that made the series so memorable for fans.

Jagged Alliance 3 Release Date

In this game, each character has their own habits, personality and background. You can explore Grand Chien to get necessities such as money to build the country you are developing.

One of the highlights of this game is that you are given the freedom to loot everything. You can also create the strongest arsenal of weapons to fight the enemies. And most importantly, you can play this game in multiplayer co-op.

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Jagged Alliance 3 is scheduled to release on July 14 on PC via Steam.

That was the information about the Jagged Alliance 3 release schedule and a little information about the presence of the long lost game. So that you don’t miss other interesting information and content from us, make sure to keep visiting Dafunda.

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