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Meet Novaria, the New Hero of Mobile Legends

After a long wait, Moonton finally introduced Novaria Mobile Legends which will be released soon. Novaria will be the second new hero for 2023 to be released after Arlott a few months ago.

Novaria’s new hero is a mage with very special capabilities. About to become the 120th Mobile Legends hero, The Star Rebel is a complete hero type that has the ability to enter the META.

After stopping by the Advance Server, Novaria will finally be present on the Mobile Legends Official Server in the near future. At least in the near future you can play Novaria in Mobile Legends.

Novaria Mobile Legends Skill

In terms of appearance, Novaria is similar to Selena. Like most Mage heroes, Novaria walks by flying. In terms of skills, it seems that Moonton adapted some skills from other Mage heroes to attach to Novaria.

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To get a glimpse of Novaria’s abilities, we will discuss her skills briefly:

Star Trail (Pasif)

When Novaria’s attack hits an enemy, a marker will appear. When the enemy is hit by the marker, it will launch an Astral Sphere and explode, dealing 15% of the enemy’s Max HP in Magic Damage.

Astral Meteor (Skill 1)

Novaria summons an Astral Meteor that will fall at a predetermined location. This will deal magic damage and a 20% slow effect. After that, Meteor Fragments will continue to deal continuous damage and provide a slow effect of 10% which can be stacked up to 60%. This skill will deal extra damage to Minions by 80%.

Astral Recall (Skill 2)

Novaria summons an Astral Sphere from a distance and pulls it, dealing magic damage to the enemies it passes through. At the same time, Novaria gains increased Movement Speed and can traverse terrain.

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When Novaria comes into contact with an Astral Sphere, she can launch it towards a target within 2 seconds. The sphere will also explode when it hits an opponent, dealing Magic Damage plus up to 200% additional damage based on the length of the sphere.

Astral Echo (Ultimate)

Novaria’s ultimate will grant a buff. Novaria fires an Astral Chain that can be aimed at the target. The chain will lock onto nearby opponents and bind them, dealing magic damage and revealing the surrounding area.

Based on the official Mobile Legends social media account, Novaria will be coming soon on May 16, 2023.

Thus the discussion about the hero Novaria Mobile Legends. What do you think about this article? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda so you don’t miss other interesting information about Mobile Legends from us.

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