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Often Underestimated, Here are 4 ML Heroes who Have High Win Rate at Rank Mythic

As we know Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that has many heroes. Of the many heroes, there are certainly some popular heroes among players. But not all popular heroes are overpowered and have high win rates. Speaking of heroes in Mobile Legends, this time Dafunda wants to share ML hero recommendations with high win rate at Rank Mythic.

You need to note that the heroes we will discuss this time are not popular heroes, but heroes that are often underestimated by many players, but in fact have high WR, even at Mythic rank.

ML Heroes With High Win Rate on Mythic

So what Mobile Legends heroes are often underestimated but in fact have high WR on Mythic? For those of you who want to know, you can see the list of discussions below.

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1. Badang


The first ML hero with a high win rate in Mythic is Badang. For you Fighter users, if you want to push rank, you must prefer Lapu-Lapu, Fredrinn or Martis. Of course, there is nothing wrong with choosing these heroes, what’s more, these heroes are currently META.

But you need to note, the hero that you often underestimate, Badang, apparently has a high win rate. According to Mobile Legends in-game statistics, Badang has a win rate of 57.6% at Mythic rank.

2. Argus


The next ML hero with a high win rate in Mythic is Argus. Lots of Mobile Legends players underestimate this hero, especially for Epic ranks and below. The reason is because Argus is soft and he is only invulnerable when his ultimate skill is active.

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But you need to remember, even though Argus is underestimated by Epic tier players and below, the fact is that at Mythic rank Argus has a high WR. According to Mobile Legends in-game statistics, Argus has a win rate of 54.8%.

3. Khaleed


The next ML hero with a high win rate in Mythic is Khaleed. Just like Argus, this hero is underestimated by many players, even his popularity level is only 0.08% and makes him the second unpopular hero.

Even so, the fact is that Khaleed has a high WR at Mythic rank. According to the Mobile Legends in-game statistics we got, Khaleed has a win rate of 52.94%.

4. Alice

ML hero with high win rate Mythic

The last ML hero with a high win rate in Mythic is Alice. This time we will discuss the hero with the oldest Mage role in Mobile Legends. You need to remember, this hero is an unpopular hero.

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The reason is because Alice’s movement speed is slow and she also has no skills to escape, so she is easily targeted by enemies. Even so, you should know, Alice has a high WR at Mythic rank, according to Mobile Legends in-game statistics, Alice’s win rate is 56.82%.

Thus the list of ML heroes with high win rates on Mythic. After reading this article and seeing the list, those of you who are already at Mythic rank, often use what heroes to push rank? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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