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3 MM Heroes in Mobile Legends that are Strong in Late Game

Marksman is one of the roles in Mobile Legends. Heroes with the Marksman role have sick damage, and have high attack speed. But unfortunately they are soft and easy to die, even so, this time Dafunda will discuss MM heroes in ML who are really strong in the late game.

Late Game itself is a term when approaching the end of the game. So the hero we will discuss is more terrible when entering the end of the game where the item has finished building.

MM Heroes in ML that are Strong in the Late Game

So what Marksman heroes are really scary when entering the late game? For those of you who want to know, you can see the full discussion list below.

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1. Karrie


The first MM hero we will discuss is Karrie. As we know Karrie is one of the oldest heroes in Mobile Legends, for veteran players, you must agree that Karrie is included in this list.

Even though Karrie is an old hero, she is still popular. You see, with her passive skills, Karrie can easily kill thick heroes and turrets. Seeing her advantages, we can imagine that if Karrie enters the late game, she can easily slaughter enemies alone.

2. Wanwan


The next MM hero is Wanwan. Just like Karrie, Wanwan is also an old hero. But when compared to Karrie, Karrie is still older. Indeed, in the early game Wawan’s attack speed is slow, and the damage he has doesn’t hurt either.

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But when entering the late game, and the items she has are built, Wanwan turns into a terrible figure who can slaughter enemies quickly and easily. So if you meet this hero, don’t enter the late game.

3. Irithel


The next MM hero is Irithel. Just like the previous two heroes, Irithel is also included in the hero and was popular among players. In the early game Irithel does not have sick damage, even easy to die.

But when entering the late game, Irithel becomes a terrible figure who can wipe out enemies very easily. Even though Irithel is terrible in the late game, fortunately, rarely anyone uses this hero.

That’s the list of MM heroes in ML that are really strong in the late game. After reading this article, do you think these heroes are indeed terrible when the item is finished building? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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