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Philippines to Host M5 World Championship

Finally, M4 Mobile Legends held in Indonesia has officially finished and Echo managed to become the champion after defeating Blacklist International. Although the M Series World Championship has just finished, Moonton has announced that the Philippines has been chosen to host the next M5 Mobile Legends.

M Series World Championship is the biggest Mobile Legends tournament that determines professional competition every year. Considering the M Series World Championship as the biggest tournament, of course, many strong teams from various countries follow it.

Philippines Hosts M5 Mobile Legends

Philippines Hosts M5 Mobile Legends
Philippines Hosts M5 Mobile Legends | Moonton

In the last live streaming broadcast of the M4 World Championship, the organizers discussed the MLBB professional competition throughout 2023. Starting from MWI 2023, MPL every region, MPLI 2023, until closing with the M5 World Championship.

On the live stream, Moonton announced that the Philippines was chosen to host the next M5 Mobile Legends. This was even confirmed directly by the official MLBB Esport social media account about the M5 World Championshp held in the Philippines.

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Seeing this announcement, Mobile Legends players are not surprised because the Philippines is indeed one of the strongest countries in Mobile Legends Esport. So far the Philippines already has 3 world champion trophies and Indonesia has 1 world champion trophy.

It’s not just the M5 World Championship that is interesting to follow in 2023. But the 2023 SEA Games in Cambodia will feature Mobile Legends as one of the Esport sports.

That’s the information about the Philippines being chosen to host M5 Mobile Legends. After reading this article, what do you think, will M5 be much more exciting than M4 yesterday?

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