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Riot Games Announces 3 Events for Valorant Ascension 2023

Riot Games recently announced 3 Valorant Ascension 2023 tournaments to keep loyal Valorant fans company.

Riot Games has recently announced 3 tournaments for Valorant Ascension 2023 to accompany the loyal fans of Valorant. This event is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the competitive scene of Valorant. It is also one of the ways to qualify for the Masters or Champions tournaments.

The 3 tournaments will take place after the Masters ends, and will take place in three regions – Pacific, EMEA, and the Americas. The participants that will compete in each Ascension tournament, will be selected from the various Challengers tournaments that have been held in several countries.

Valorant Ascension 2023


Here’s a little summary of the Ascension tournament for each region:

Challengers Ascension 2023: PASIFIK

  • Group Stage: 28 Juni-4 Juli
  • Playoff: 7-9 Juli
  • Lokasi Playoff: Bangkok, Thailand

The event will soon take place on June 28 to July 9, 2023 taking place in Bangkok, Thailand. For the PASSIPIC region, each of the 10 Challenger leagues will qualify one team to the Ascension Tournament.

There will be 10 eSports teams divided into 2 groups that will compete through a Single Round Robin competition and feature Best-of-Three matches. The top 3 teams from each group will advance to the playoffs which will be held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC).

The top 2 teams from the Group Stage will advance directly to the Semifinals, while the remaining 4 teams will go through the Quarterfinals. The Single Elimination Playoff bracket will feature Best-of-Three matches in the early rounds and Best-of-Five in the Grand Final.

Challengers Ascension: EMEA

  • Group Stage: 30 Juni-4 Juli
  • Playoff: 13-16 Juli
  • Lokasi Playoff: Berlin, Jerman

Ascension EMEA will feature 10 teams; 9 teams will earn a spot by winning their respective EMEA Challengers Leagues and the final team through a Play-In Tournament.

The competition will begin with an online Group Stage that will leave 4 teams. The Group Stage will be a Single Round Robin Tournament with the top 2 teams from each group advancing to the Playoffs.

The Playoffs will take place at the VCT EMEA Coliseum in Berlin, and will feature a Single Elimination Bracket with a Best-of-Five final.

Challengers Ascension: Amerika

  • Tanggal: 30 Juni-9 Juli
  • Lokasi: São Paulo, Brasil 

The Americas Ascension will feature 6 teams; 2 teams from the Brazilian and North American Challenger Leagues, 1 team from LATAM South, and 1 team from LATAM North. All teams will compete in two different locations in São Paulo, Brazil. The competition will take place at VALORANT’s Brazilian studio.

Qualifying teams will be divided into 2 groups of 3 teams each. The Group Stage consists of a Single Round Robin that will put each team into a Double Elimination Playoff bracket. S

All teams will start the event through the Upper Bracket, the top 2 teams will qualify automatically and start in the second round, while the remaining 4 teams will start in the first round. The Grand Final will be Best-of-Five, while all matches in the Playoffs will be Best-of-Three.

Well that was the Valorant Ascension 2023 Tournament Details and a little information about the format of the tournament. So that you don’t miss information and other interesting content from us, make sure you never get bored to keep visiting Dafunda.

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