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Bandai Namco Shows Off Tekken 8’s Hwoarang in Action

Bandai Namco has released another gameplay trailer that focuses on showing Tekken 8’s Hwoarang in action with a new look. In the trailer, the developer shows some interesting things about this character.

Hwoarang is a character that first appeared in the Tekken 3 game that has skills with a simple fighting style. Hwoarang is also a Taekwondo student from Korea named Baek Doo San.

He is the head of a gang of street thugs who indulge in deception and dishonest tactics in betting fights. Hwoarang was also an army student who was assigned to a special operations unit and successfully carried out missions despite his frequent violations of authority.

Hwoarang is stubborn, arrogant and impulsive. He is very good at fighting and likes to brag that he can easily defeat his enemies.

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He was brutal and always ignored authority but he respected his master, Baek Doo San. Although he was arrogant and self-centered, he cared about the people around him.

Hwoarang Tekken 8 New Look

TEKKEN 8 - Hwoarang Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

Through the new trailer, Hwoarang looks quite different from the previous versions. The characteristic hairstyle that is long and pulled back is now neat and tied up so that it looks more mature.

The video also shows that Hwoarang’s eyes have been healthy since the incident in the previous series that injured his right eye. His face now looks much more mature and “Glow-up”.

Now Hwoarang also uses Tae Kwon Do clothing as the main outfit. As we know, Hwoarang has been using biker clothes as his main outfit and Tae Kwon Do clothes as an alternative outfit.

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New, More Aggressive Gameplay


Through the trailer that the developer shared, Hwoarang is also seen doing the iconic scene from the Akira Anime where he does the “Akira Bike Slide” during the intro of the fight.

In addition, the combat gameplay presented is also very aggressive with stunning attacks and combos. Hwoarang still has signature attacks and some new moves. Parry’s iconic move from his teacher Baek is also back in this game.

Hwoarang, Jin Kazama’s eternal rival, has the same power and prowess. Although he was once defeated by Jin, he remains an unforgettable character.

Overall, this Preview version really looks cool and exciting. With the aggressive concept emphasized in Tekken 8, it looks like both players and match-goers will be treated to an action-packed, non-boring battle.

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Tekken 8 developer Bandai Namco revealed that Tekken 8 will be coming to Next-Gen consoles. Tekken 8 will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and also comes to PC via Steam.

That’s all the information about the Hwoarang Tekken 8 gameplay that we are interested in seeing. In order not to miss information and also other interesting content from us, make sure you keep visiting Dafunda.

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