5 Tips for Playing Alucard in Mobile Legends

Alucard is one of the oldest heroes in Mobile Legends. At first many people liked this hero because of its sick damage, difficulty dying and easy gameplay. But over time the players began to leave this hero for several reasons, one of which was the many counters. So this time Dafunda wants to share tips on playing Alucard Mobile Legends properly and correctly.

Because there are so many Alucard counters, this hero has become the target of many temperatures. If it has been hit by a lock from the enemy, it is certain that Alucard will often die and ultimately become a burden on the team.

Tips Playing Alucard Mobile Legends

For you Alucard users, of course you have to see this discussion so that you don’t become a burden on the team. Here are tips for playing Alucard ML

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1. Frequent Rotation

Frequent Rotation
Frequent Rotation | Moonton

The first tip for playing Alucard Mobile Legends is to rotate often. So Alucard is suitable to be placed in Exp Lane or Gold Lane, so that the items that are built are quickly made and the level is quickly high.

But we recommend not staying in one lane, because Alucard is often the target of the enemy. Therefore, you must often rotate so that the enemy is difficult to target and can help teammates to finish off opponents.

2. Use Skills Correctly

Use Skills Correctly
Use Skills Correctly | Moonton

The next tip for playing Alucard Mobile Legends is to use skills at the right time. Most players who use Alucard are newbies or people who have just played Mobile Legends.

That’s why most of them panic easily and immediately issue skills randomly. Even though it’s good that you use skill 3 or Ultimate first, because these skills increase Alucard’s Physical Lifesteal and reduce the opponent’s Movement Speed. After that you can use other skills and use basic attacks to finish off your opponent.

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3. Choose the Right Emblem

Choose the Right Emblem
Choose the Right Emblem | Moonton

The next tip for playing Alucard Mobile Legends is to choose the right emblem. So in ML there is an emblem system and each player is free to wear any emblem according to their wishes. Now for Alucard we recommend that you wear the Assassin emblem with the Bounty Hunter talent.

The problem is that the emblem gives an effect where when the player has killed the opponent, he will get additional gold. That way your Alucard will be strong quickly because the items you use quickly become.

4. Use Alucard’s Best Build

tips playing Alucard Mobile Legends
Use Alucard’s Best Build | Moonton

Then use Alucard’s best build. So if you want the Alucard you play to have great damage, of course you have to use the right items. That way your Alucard can easily finish off enemies 1 vs 1, or maybe if your gameplay is good too, you can finish off the enemy alone.

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5. Utilize Timfight

tips playing Alucard Mobile Legends
Utilize Timfight | Moonton

The last tip for playing Alucard Mobile Legends is to take advantage of the teamfight. For those of you who don’t know, Alucard has a soft defense so he is often targeted by enemies. Now in order not to die often, of course you have to be with a teammate, aka not alone.

Then when a teamfight occurs, you can counterattack your opponent after your opponent releases Ulti skills and crowd control skills. To be able to do that, of course, you have to pay serious attention so that your attack timing is right.

Those are some tips that you can try to play Alucard Mobile Legends. After reading this article, do you think Alucard is still worth it to use? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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