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9 Marvel Characters who Gained Superpowers from the Super Soldier Serum

As Marvel fans, you must have heard of the Super Soldier serum. A serum that can make its users get superpowers, Steve Roger aka Captain America. Apart from Steve, it turns out that there are also marvel characters who use Super Soldier serum and gain superpowers.

It turns out that besides Steve Roger there are also characters who get superpowers from the Super Soldier serum. Some of them even became supervillains.

Marvel Characters Who Use Super Soldier Serum

So who are the Marvel characters who got the super soldier serum and gained superpowers? Here’s the complete list and discussion below.

1. Red Skull

Marvel Characters Who Use Super Soldier Serum
Red Skull | Marvel Studio

The first MCU character to use the Super Soldier serum is Red Skull. As we all know Red Skull is one of the famous supervillains in the Marvel Universe, according to the story Abraham Erskine developed his first Super Soldier serum in 1930.

Ten years later he injected the serum into his own body, but unfortunately the rudimentary serum gave him side effects. After getting the serum he did get superpowers, but his personality turned more aggressive and his body burned red, because of that he was called the Red Skull.

2. Captain America

Captain America
Captain America | Marvel Studio

The next MCU character to use the Super Soldier serum is Captain America. According to the story, after conducting dangerous experiments, Abraham went to prison, then Peggy Carter saved him and he joined the United States Strategic Scientific Reserve.

There Abraham perfected his serum so that it could be used by American soldiers during the war against Hydra. Steve Roger was one of the soldiers chosen to try the new Super Soldier serum and the result was that the originally skinny young man turned into a man with a muscular body, and fortunately he did not feel any negative side effects.

3. Winter Soldier

Marvel Characters Who Use Super Soldier Serum
Winter Soldier | Marvel Studio

The next MCU character to use the Super Soldier serum is Winter Soldier. For those of you who don’t know Winter Soldier or Bucky Barnes is Steve Roger’s best friend, while carrying out duties as an American soldier Bucky was caught and detained by Hydra.

During his captivity, he became an experimental subject for a super soldier serum, made by Arnim Zola, Abraham Erskine’s replacement. Fortunately, Bucky was the only survivor of the new serum experiment.

4. Bruce Banner

Marvel Characters Who Use Super Soldier Serum
Bruce Banner | Marvel Studio

Then there is Bruce Banner. As we know Bruce Banner is a scientist who is exposed to Gamma rays and makes him able to turn into a large, green and very strong creature.

So according to the story, at first General Thaddeus Ross decided to reformulate the Super Soldier program. In the experiment, Ross recruited Bruce Banner to be part of the development team.

But Ross didn’t tell him its true purpose, so Bruce thought the serum was harmless and tried it on himself. In the experiment Bruce replaced the Vita Radiation in Steve Roger’s experiment with Gamma Radiation, because of this he turned into the Hulk.

5. Abomination

Abomination | Marvel Studio

The next MCU character to use the Super Soldier serum is Abomination. So Emil Blonsky is part of the special forces of the United States army, he gets the task of capturing Bruce Banner who has turned into the Hulk.

Realizing that he was an ordinary man without superpowers, Emil received a serum from the government so that he could gain superpowers. But the strength he gained wasn’t enough to fight the Hulk, so he received more doses that mentally disturbed him.

Because of this, he became so obsessed with surpassing the Hulk that Emil did the crazy thing of incorporating the Hulk’s blood into his body. As a result of his actions, he turned into a monstrous giant called Abomination.

6. Isaiah Bradley

Isaiah Bradley
Isaiah Bradley | Marvel Comics

The next MCU character who uses the Super Soldier serum is Isaiah Bradley. For those of you who don’t know, he is a United States soldier who received the Super Soldier serum, at first he thought that the government gave him tetanus medicine.

But it turns out that the drug that entered his body was a super soldier serum that was also used by Steve Roger. Bradley is the only soldier who managed to survive the serum, until in the end he was imprisoned and used as an experimental object to reformulate the super soldier serum.

7. Karli Morgenthau

Karli Morgenthau
Karli Morgenthau | Marvel Studio

Then there is Karli Morgenthau. For those of you who don’t know, Karli Morgenthau is the leader of a criminal group called the Flag Smashers. This group appears in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series.

Now what’s interesting about this group is that from the leader to its members have super soldier serum in their bodies, they get the serum from a scientist named Wilfred Nagel.

8. John Walker

John Walker
John Walker | Marvel Studio

The last MCU character to use the Super Soldier serum is John Walker. When he was named the new Captain America, John Walker was originally just an ordinary man who had been a soldier. While trying to capture Karli Morgenthau, Walker discovered the super soldier serum.

At first, he did not want to use the serum, but because he had lost so many times, Walker decided to use the serum. Unfortunately, the serum had a negative effect, making him more aggressive and unable to control his emotions.

This is the list of Marvel characters who use Super Soldier serum to get superpowers. After reading the article and seeing the list, who do you think is the strongest after using the Super Soldier serum?

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