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Adam Driver to star in MCU’s Fantastic Four?

Is it true that Adam Driver (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) will appear as one of the actors in the Fantastic Four MCU movie?

If you’ve noticed since early 2022, the talented actor who played Kylo Ren in the Disney Star Wars trilogy, Adam Driver, has barely been updated. This is very different from 2021, where his figure and name are wara-wiri on the big screen.

However, it is normal for this to happen. Because from the beginning of 2022, as reported from Murphy’s Multiverse. Driver is reportedly taking a temporary break from Hollywood this year.

Update driver MCU

adam driver fantastic four
Adam Driver in the MCU? | Koimoi

That’s even more evident if we take a look at Driver’s IMDB filmography page. Specifically, through the filmography page. We can see that in 2022, he only acted in 1 film project, namely, a comedy film entitled White Noise.

So again with all these facts. It’s no wonder that towards the end of 2022. We’ve barely heard anything about updates from the 38-year-old actor.

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But the cool thing is that after a long time of not hearing any updates from Driver. Recently, we finally got some news from this mysterious actor. And what’s even cooler is this. Once updated, it is also directly related to the popular superhero movie universe, MCU.

Appearing in MCU’s Fantastic 4 Movie?

Adam Driver Fantastic Four Doctor Doom
Perfect for Doctor Doom | Cosmic Book News

Yes, so it’s still launched from Murphy’s Multiverse. According to the news they also got from the Hot Mic Podcast. Adam Driver will reportedly appear in the upcoming Fantastic Four MCU film.

The news even goes so far as to say that Driver had in fact met and discussed with Marvel Studios a few months ago. And in the meeting, Driver and Marvel negotiated for Adam Driver to appear in the Fantastic Four MCU film.

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However, I would like to remind you not to believe this 100%. Because this news is still a rumor. So let’s just wait for more official confirmation to come.

But even if this news is true, I personally don’t have a problem at all. Because in my opinion, Adam Driver is really suitable to appear as one of the actors in the Fantastic Four MCU film.

Specifically, he is perfect for the role of the classic F4 main villain, Doctor Doom. From the looks, the height, and the whole aura, I got it. But yes, this is all still limited to opinions and desires as a fanboy.

For more certainty, let’s just wait for more official confirmation to come, okay?

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