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Another John Wick Spin-off Movie in Development

Another John Wick spin-off movie is reportedly in development. The spin-off is of course still in the universe of this movie.

With the release of its latest movie, John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023), no doubt this makes the John Wick movie franchise (2014-present), one of the best movie franchises of all time.

This statement is further proven by the spin-off projects that are currently in development. Two of them that we already know about are the Ballerina movie that will star Ana De Armas (Blonde) and The Continental series.

John Wick Spin-off Movie


Now when we thought that only these 2 spin-offs would be seen later. It turns out we were wrong. So as reported directly from the film franchise producer Erica Lee recently. Lee and her team are in fact now busy developing another spin-off from the film starring Keanu Reeves.

This news certainly makes those of us who are big fans of this franchise very excited. So what are the spin-off projects that are being developed?

Details About John Wick Spin-off Movie

"I Am Going To Kill You!" Scene | JOHN WICK 4 (2023) Movie CLIP 4K

Unfortunately, Lee has not been able to provide further details regarding the John Wick spin-off film projects that they are developing.

However, Lee said that the number of spin-off or sequel projects are many and confirmed once again, still in the John Wick universe. In addition, he said that if there are no obstacles, they will announce the new projects in the next 2 months.

Once again, this confirmation certainly makes many of us feel very excited. Because we can dive further into the world and mythology of this franchise.

Keanu Reeves Doesn’t Need to Appear

John Wick Vs Caine - Fight Scene | JOHN WICK 4 (NEW 2023) Movie CLIP 4K

Well if that’s the case. Then the question now is, does Reeves have to continue to appear in each spin-off even if it is limited to a cameo?

Well, I don’t think it’s necessary. Because the series or movie project is not focused on the character of John Wick, right? If it’s shown in every project, it makes the movie “distracted.”

So in my opinion, it’s okay if he appears in 1-2 movies/series, but not all the time. And more importantly, Wick’s presence is logical or not forced. Now what do you think about this?

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