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5 Best Pixar Animated Movies

Hello animation movie fans, this time we will discuss the best Pixar animated movies that are very famous. Are you curious? Let's check here.

Pixar is one of the most famous animation film studios. Pixar itself has released a lot of films and almost all of its films are successful and remembered by many people. Speaking of Pixar movies, this time we will discuss a list of the best Pixar animated films that are very famous.

Just like Disney and Dreamworks, Pixar is famous for its animated films. Some of the movies that we will discuss this time are so famous that even in the present era, they are still in demand by people.

Best Pixar Animated Movies

So what are the most famous movies from Pixar? For those of you who want to know, you can see the list of discussions below.

1. Toy Story

best pixar animated movies
Toy story | Pixar

The first Pixar animated movie is Toy Story. As we know this movie is very famous, even Toy Story already has 4 films where, each film is sequential. So inevitably you have to watch the first movie to the fourth movie to know the storyline.

The movie focuses on Woody, a cowboy doll owned by a boy named Andy. But one day, Woody feels that his position as Andy’s favorite toy is threatened when a new toy named Buzz Lightyear appears.

2. Finding Nemo

Finding-nemo | Pixar

The next best Pixar animated movie is Finding Nemo. Who doesn’t know about this movie? Finding Nemo is a very popular animated movie, even this movie has been played on TV repeatedly.

It tells the story of a fish named Marlin who searches for his son in the high seas, Nemo. This movie presents an adventure and provides entertainment for movie lovers. The storyline is simple, but it can make the audience immersed in the story.

3. Inside Out

Inside-out | Pixar

The next best Pixar animated movie is Inside Out. For those of you who have forgotten, Inside Out is one of the successful animated films and also has a very good story. This movie tells the story of a girl named Riley, she feels stumbling because her father moved his job to San Francisco and made her move with him.

Meanwhile, Riley’s mind becomes the control center of the living emotions. The story gets more exciting as Riley and her emotions struggle to adjust to a new life in San Francisco.

4. Up

best pixar animated movies
Up | Pixar

Then there’s Up. Just like Finding Nemo, this movie is one of the most famous movies that is often played on TV. There are so many lessons that we can take from this movie, telling the story of a grandfather named Carl Fredricksen who flew his house with tens of thousands of balloons to Paradise Falls.

But on his way, he accidentally brought along a Russell boy who was collecting Helping Parents badges.

5. Coco

Coco | Pixar

The last animated movie is Coco. The thing that makes Coco enter this list is because the soundtrack is considered very good and also delicious.

The movie tells the story of a boy named Miguel who dreams of becoming a singer. However, his dream is strongly opposed by his family because they consider music as a taboo.

Thus the list of the best and very famous Pixar animated movies. After reading this article and seeing the list, which movie do you like? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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