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Doctor Doom is not a Fantastic Four MCU Villain?

Doctor Doom will reportedly not be the villain in the debut Fantastic Four MCU film.

Since the era of the original comic. We all know that Doctor Doom is the arch-nemesis of Marvel’s superhero family team, the Fantastic Four.

Even in all of his live-action film adaptations (with the exception of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer). The classic concept is still applied. So in other words, it’s really hard for us to imagine the two of them not appearing together on one screen.

Now based on this factual view. So it’s no wonder then that many of us have believed from the beginning. Specifically, we strongly believe that Doctor Doom will also be the villain of the Fantastic Four MCU.

Will not be the main villain

Doctor Doom fantastic four
Fantastic 4 & Doctor Doom in the comics | The Brag

However, this belief seems to be brushed aside guys. Because launching Murphy’s Multiverse, it was revealed that it looks like this. Doctor Doom nantinya tidak akan menjadi villain di debut film Fantastic Four MCU.

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Murphy’s Multiverse itself got the info from an episode of Jeff Sneider’s podcast, Hot Mic. So according to the info Sneider got. Once again, oom will not be the main villain in the Fantastic Four MCU movie.

Still Appears in the Movie

So that later in his MCU debut. Reed Richards and the team will fight another villain who is certainly still one of the villain gallery of F4. However, don’t worry guys. Still according to Sneider, Doctor Doom will still appear in the Fantastic Four MCU film.

However, Doom will only appear in the mid-credit scene of the film. Now if what Sneider reported is true. Then we can make sure that this strategy is carried out. Aiming to make the character of Doom, as a vital villain in the upcoming MCU.

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But we need to remember. Whether Sneider’s statement looks or even feels legit. The info he conveyed is not 100% legit. So yeah, let’s just take this info as fun rumours first.

But then again. If it is true, Doctor Doom will not be the main villain in this film. There is no doubt that this will make many fans feel very disappointed.

Even at the same time. There will certainly be many fans who like this refresh. Now after reading this news. How do you guys respond?

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