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Knives Out 3 Movie Title Revealed

Daniel Craig will return as the genius detective Benoit Blanc in the newly titled Knives Out 3.

Benoit Blanc will return in his latest movie Knives Out 3. The movie will feature Daniel Craig as the lead. Rian Johnson, the director, has announced the latest developments regarding Knives Out 3 through his personal social media accounts, including the title of the movie.

Wake Up Dead Man will be the Title of Knives Out 3 Movie
Rian Johnson/X

In the 45-second video, we can see Daniel Craig playing Benoit Blanc who gives a narration that reflects the story of the previous two films.

In addition, Benoit also gave a hint that the next case he will handle will be more dangerous than the previous one. The important information from the video is the official title of Knives Out 3, which is Wake Up Dead Man.

The video also confirmed that the Wake Up Dead Man movie will be released in 2025. Knives Out’s two movie titles can be said to be very special and in its third movie, it seems that the trend is still being followed with a unique title.

The music that this third movie uses is also interesting, using music from famous bands or singers. If the first movie used music from Radiohead and the second movie used music from The Beatles, the third movie used music from U2.

Currently, fans are busy discussing the possible meanings of the movie “Wake Up Dead Man”. Many of them are of the opinion that this could be Daniel Craig’s last movie as Benoit Blanc.

Considering that this case is the most dangerous he has ever faced, it seems logical that “Wake Up Dead Man” would be his last movie.

About Knives Out


Knives Out is a comedy crime thriller by director Rian Johnson and features Daniel Craig in the lead role. The movie was first released in 2019 and its sequel, Glass Onion, was released in 2022.

Both movies received positive reviews and were successful. Even before the release of the second movie, confirmation about the presence of the third movie was given.

This is thanks to Netflix who secured the license to produce the second and third films. According to reports in January 2024, the shooting of the films is planned to take place in the same year. Let’s stay tuned for further developments on this project.

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