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Live Action One Piece Season 2 Starts Filming

Based on photos leaked on social media, it looks like the filming process of the live action One Piece season 2 on Netflix has begun.

It seems that the shooting process for the live action series One Piece season 2 has started based on photos leaked on social media.

The live action was a tremendous success in the market, even managing to set a number of viewing and viewing records on the Netflix platform. Not long after, Netflix announced that they would soon be releasing a second season of the series.

Leaked Photos on the Set of Live Action One Piece Season 2

Screenshot 5
Screenshot 5

Previously, there was information that the cast of One Piece was preparing to restart production of the series. However, there is no information revealing when they will start production.

Thanks to a recent leaked photo that surfaced on social media, it appears that production is already in the early stages. The photo mentions that production is back in Cape Town, South Africa.

In this leak, we still know little other than the Going Merry ship. Previously, the production of season 2 of One Piece was delayed after the writers held a demonstration.

However, after that demonstration was over, the makers of the series started gearing up quickly for season 2. Some cast members said that the production process would start soon and it seems to be true.

The first season of the live series is an adaptation of the popular series by Eiichiro Oda, officially released in 2023. Not long after, the series won over fans and became extremely popular.

In fact, this live action adaptation of One Piece is considered successful in eliminating various negative stereotypes about anime series adaptations.

The first season of One Piece series contains some of the early arcs of the story. It is likely that One Piece season 2 will also adapt several follow-up arcs from the first season, such as Little Garden, Drum Island, and Alabasta.

One of the most anticipated moments was the appearance of Tony’s character Tony Chopper in the Drum Island arc.

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