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Mai Synopsis, a Viral Vietnamese Movie that Makes You Sad

Here is the synopsis of the movie Mai, which went viral and trending because the story was considered sad. The movie was very successful

Mai’s movie went viral and trended on TikTok as many netizens said they cried while watching it. Synopsis of the movie Mai itself tells a love story between a massage therapist and a man who is a notorious playboy.

After grossing 500 VNB, Mai has also become the highest grossing movie in Vietnam. Following its success in its home country, on March 22, Mai was also screened in more than 100 theaters in several countries in North America and Europe.

Many reviews of this Vietnamese movie have flooded various social media platforms. Curious about the synopsis of the movie, check out the review below.

Mai Movie Synopsis

Mai Movie Synopsis
Mai Movie Synopsis

In this movie, we follow the journey of a woman named Mai (Phuong Anh Dao) who becomes a single mother.

To make ends meet for her daughter, Mai works as a massage therapist. However, she has to face many obstacles from people around her who often doubt and look down on her.

Mai, a single mother, became an easy target for neighbors who loved to judge and demean her position as a woman.

Although she is often mistreated and humiliated by her surroundings, Mai tries to stay happy and enjoy life with her daughter whom she loves dearly.

One day, Mai meets Sau (Mr. Tran), a man who is known as a playboy. Sau has no steady job and spends most of his time at the club playing the piano and flirting with women.

Sau is a regular customer at the massage parlor where Mai works. He tries to flirt with Mai while she is massaging him. At first, Mai resisted and tried to get away. However, Sau didn’t give up and kept working on Mai, so eventually Mai couldn’t resist.

Since getting to know Mai, Sau has been slowly changing. He stopped being a playboy and started taking his life seriously. In fact, he even considered his mother’s offer to continue the family business.

However, Sau’s mother, who also happens to be a regular at Mai’s massage place, rejects their relationship. Sau’s mother had a strong reason for disapproving of her son’s relationship with Mai.

Cast List and Release Schedule


In addition to Mai’s charm that attracts attention, the figure of Duong alias Sau also attracts the attention of netizens. Here is the cast list of Mai’s movie:

  • Phuong Anh Dao as Mai
  • Mr. Tran as Trung Duong
  • Huynh Uyen An as Binh Minh
  • Hong Dao as Dao
  • Quoc Khanh as Bobby

You can watch Mai’s viral movie on Netflix since March. So what are you waiting for? Watch their love story on Netflix and don’t forget to prepare the tissues.

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