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Besides Thor, Here are 5 MCU Characters who Can Lift Mjolnir’s

Mjolnir is a powerful war hammer forged by dwarves for the Asgardian royal family. This hammer is one of the heirlooms that is revered by many people, especially by the Asgardians. The user of this hammer is none other than Thor, the God of Thunder who is part of the Avengers. Speaking of Mjolnir, this time we will discuss MCU characters who can lift Mjolnir.

You need to know, not everyone can lift what else uses Mjolnir. The problem is that this hammer chooses its own users, those with good hearts and also have a hero’s soul who can use Mjolnir.

MCU Characters Who Can lift Mjolnir

Apart from Thor, it turns out that there are more MCU characters who can use Mjolnir. Who are they? Here’s the full list below.

1. Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers | karakter MCU yang bisa mengangkat Mjolnir
Steve Rogers | Marvel Studio

The first MCU character who can use Mjolnir is Steve Rogers. The character commonly known as Captain America is an extraordinary superhero, besides being handsome and strong, Steve always puts people’s safety first.

Because of his heroic spirit, Steve Rogers is recognized by Mjolnir and he can use the hammer. The moment was shown when the Avengers fought Thanos’ army in Endgame, when Captain America was able to summon Mjolnir and use the hammer’s power without difficulty.

2. Jane Foster

Jane Foster | karakter MCU yang bisa mengangkat Mjolnir
Jane Foster | Marvel Studio

The next MCU character who can use Mjolnir is Jane Foster. Now Jane is an ordinary human who was once Thor’s lover, but their relationship did not go well and Jane has a deadly disease.

Long story short, Jane was looking for a way to cure her illness and Mjolnir was the answer. It’s true that Mjolnir recognizes Jane and gives her a healthy body, but every time Jane doesn’t use Mjolnir’s power, her body gets weaker and her illness gets worse.

3. Vision

Vision | karakter MCU yang bisa mengangkat Mjolnir
Vision | Marvel Studio

The next MCU character who can lift Mjolnir is Vision. Unlike the previous 2 characters who are human, Vision is arguably an Android powered with Infinity Gems.

In the movie Age of Ultron, precisely towards the end of the battle, Vision casually lifted and picked up Mjolnir which was thrown, then he gave Mjolnir to Thor with his innocent face. Seeing this scene, there is no doubt that Vision is indeed recognized by Mjolnir.

4. Hela

Hela | Marvel Studio

Then there is Hela. This one character is described as Thor and Loki’s sister in the MCU, she is the Goddess of Death. Although Hela is a cruel figure, but uniquely she can withstand Mjolnir’s attacks and can even destroy the hammer easily.

Seeing this scene, many MCU fans assume that Hela used Mjolnir before Thor, because Hela is Odin’s eldest daughter. It is likely that Odin gave Mjolnir to Hela, and Hela used the hammer during the conquest of the Nine Realms.

5. Odin

Odin | Marvel Studio

The last MCU character who can lift Mjolnir is Odin. Indeed, we have never seen Odin directly use Mjolnir. But as the Allfather and ruler of Asgard, there seems to be no doubt that Odin can use Mjolnir.

It was Odin who ordered the dwarves to make Mjolnir, Odin also gave magic eligibility to Mjolnir so that not just anyone could use it and Odin was the one who bequeathed Mjolnir to Thor.

This is the list of MCU characters who can lift Mjolnir. After reading this article and seeing the list, who do you think besides Thor deserves to use Mjolnir? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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