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MCU’s Blade Movie Loses its Director Again

The MCU has once again lost its director for Blade, Yann Demange. This may affect the movie's release schedule.

Shocking news comes from the world of Marvel movies. The Blade MCU reboot movie has lost its director once again. Yann Demange, who previously replaced Bassam Tariq, has left the project.

According to a report from The Wrap, this decision was made some time ago and was amicable. Demange, best known for his work on Lovecraft Country and White Boy Rick, is the second director to leave the Blade project in the past two years.

MCU’s Blade Losing Director Could Affect Release Schedule

MCU's Blade Movie Loses its Director Again
MCU’s Blade Movie Loses its Director Again

Mahershala Ali will play the lead role in the highly anticipated movie Blade as the legendary vampire hunter. Ali’s first announcement as the lead role took place at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. In addition, he also appeared as an unaccredited voice cameo in the Eternals movie in 2021.

However, the development of the movie faced many challenges, including changes in writers and cast members.

Currently, Eric Pearson, an experienced writer from Marvel Studios, is working on the latest screenplay for the Blade movie, continuing the previous draft that Michael Starbury wrote.

It is planned to release in the fall of 2025, but there may be changes to the schedule after Demange’s release.

Many Changes are Happening in the Blade MCU Project


Since it was first announced, the Blade project has undergone many concept changes, including a period story, a low budget, and an all-female ensemble cast with Blade only as a supporting character.

One of the actors previously involved, Aaron Pierre, has confirmed that he is no longer involved in the project after a change in creative direction.

In addition, there was recently news that Mahershala Ali will be cast in Universal’s latest Jurassic World film which will begin production this summer and release in July 2025.

This raises concerns that the Blade movie may experience even longer delays. Some speculations even suggest that Blade might be one of the projects quietly canceled by Disney CEO Bob Iger, who has previously made some tough decisions.

Release Date Still Unchanged


Despite this, Blade’s release date still remains at November 7, 2025. Fans are certainly hoping that the project can continue and deliver an amazing story about Marvel’s iconic vampire hunter.

Marvel fans are hoping that Marvel Studios will soon announce a new director to direct the film and provide more information about the future of Blade.

They are still waiting for the latest developments and hope that the project can go smoothly, given the high enthusiasm for the iconic Blade character.

The Blade movie in the MCU is still awaited with enthusiasm, given the continuous changes and challenges. Fans hope Marvel Studios can find the right solution to deliver an epic and satisfying experience in Blade’s story.

To know more about this movie, let’s wait for the next news.

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