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7 Recommended Movies to Watch in May 2023

We have now entered the month of May 2023. In this month, a lot of exciting movies will air and are ready to entertain movie lovers. There are tons of genres that you can watch, ranging from Action, Comedy, Thriller etc. Therefore, this time Dafunda wants to share recommendations for movies to watch in May 2023.

In May 2023, many movie studios are releasing their works. Of course, the movies released in May 2023 are very exciting, one example is Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Movies to Watch in May 2023

So what are the movies this month that are really good and not to be missed? For those of you who want to know, let’s check the list below.

1. Guardian of The Galaxy Vol. 3

Movies to Watch in May 2023

The first movie recommendation is Guardian of The Galaxy Vol. 3. As we know, this movie is the third GOTG movie directed by James Gunn. The third Guardian of The Galaxy movie tells the story of the adventures of Star Lord and the gang in completing a new mission.

On this mission they have to deal with a villain named High Evolutionary. The villain is obsessed with evolution. In addition, Star Lord will also meet again with Gamora.

2. Evil Dead: Rise

Movies to Watch in May 2023

The next movie recommendation is Evil Dead: Rise. As the title implies, of course this film is a new horror film that is very gripping and brutal. The director this time, Lee Cronin, also takes place in a narrow apartment.

Evil Dead Rise tells the story of Beth visiting her sister Ellie’s apartment. However, the disaster begins when one of Ellie’s children, Danny, accidentally finds the book of the dead or Necromicon.

The cruel demon sealed in this dangerous book was released and possessed Ellie. The demon-possessed Ellie becomes uncontrollable and wants to kill Beth and her three children.

3. The Mother


The next movie recommendation is The Mother. The movie, played by Jennifer Lopez, tells the story of a mother who struggles to save her kidnapped daughter. Her job as a hitman leads her to meet her daughter.

But in order to bring her daughter back home, it wasn’t easy. He had to deal with the criminals who had targeted his daughter.

4. Fast X


Then there’s Fast X. If you’re a fan of Fast & Furious, this movie is a must-see. So Fast X will be the penultimate movie of the car race-themed action movie franchise. The movie tells the story of Dom Toretto’s family and friends being threatened again.

The enemy this time is related to Dom’s past enemy Dante, the son of Hermen Reyes who became Dom’s enemy in Fast Five. This time he comes to take revenge on Dom.

5. Kandahar


The next movie recommendation is Kandahar. This movie will show Gerard Butler as a CIA agent named Tom Harris. This movie tells the story of Agent Harris who gets a tough mission in destroying a nuclear reactor in Iran.

Aided by his translator, Agent Harris had to go undercover to stop the nuclear reactor from exploding. However, they are exposed by the media and flee to Kandahar, Afghanistan. There, the two must fight to save the lives of the enemy’s elite forces.

6. The Little Mermaid

Movies to Watch in May 2023

The next movie recommendation is The Little Mermaid. Although it was opposed by the public for changing the race of Ariel’s character to black, Disney will still release The Little Mermaid on May 26, 2023.

The movie tells the story of a mermaid named Ariel who is thirsty for curiosity in the outside world. She is the youngest child of King Triton. One day she met Prince Eric. The turmoil of romance is unbearable, Ariel decided to live on land to pursue Prince Eric’s love.

7. About My Father


The last movie is About My Father. This movie is a drama-comedy movie adapted from the true story of Sebastian Maniscalco’s relationship with his father. The beginning of this movie story occurs when Maniscalco plans to propose to his girlfriend who is of American descent.

So, he asked for his father’s blessing and invited him to visit his girlfriend’s parents. But it wasn’t as easy as Maniscalco imagined, as the different cultural backgrounds of the two families put them at odds.

These are the recommendations for movies that air in May 2023. After reading this article and seeing the list, what movie do you want to watch? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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