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My Boo Synopsis, a Romantic Thai Comedy Horror Movie

The following is a synopsis of the Thai comedy horror movie My Boo. Although it seems hilarious and scary, it's actually a romantic movie.

“My Boo” is a Thai horror movie that has a romantic comedy genre. This movie first aired in Thailand on May 1, 2024. My Boo’s synopsis tells the story of a gamer who inherits a house but the house turns out to be haunted.

Produced by Jungka Studio, the movie became one of the box office movies in Thailand with significant revenue. This fun and family-friendly horror movie is also coming to Indonesia.

Many Thai movie fans are curious about the storyline of My Boo, as many Thai netizens have said that this movie has similarities to the horror movie Pee Mak (2013). So, let’s check out My Boo’s synopsis below!

My Boo Synopsis

My Boo Synopsis
My Boo Synopsis

Thailand movie with the title “My Boo” is a romantic horror movie that tells the life story of a young man named Joe. Joe is a young gamer who receives an inheritance in the form of an old house from his family.

However, he later found out that the inherited house was occupied by a female ghost who was the previous owner of the house, named Anong.

Joe couldn’t get this female ghost out of his house, so he came up with the idea to work with Anong to turn the house into a haunted house tourist attraction.

Joe manages to earn a lot of money by opening a haunted house that uses real ghosts to scare visitors. The project brings Joe and Anong closer together, but they realize that their love is unusual and makes it impossible for them to be together.

My Boo is director S Khomkrit Treewimol’s comeback to directing Thai horror films. The movie has been highly anticipated since its first teaser and features a lineup of popular Thai artists. Here’s the cast:

  • Bow Maylada as Anong
  • Gee Sutthirak as Joe
  • Jack Chaleumpol as Thongkon
  • Timethai Dharmthai as Kong
  • Pompam Niti Chaichitathorn
  • Aom Punyawee
  • Na Phuang Chernyim
  • Thanaerng Kanyawee
  • Jorin Khumpiraphan
  • Mind Atitaya
  • Punch Tipanan
  • Fai Nattaya
  • Taaom Benyapa
  • Hannah Rosenbloom
  • Aheye Korranid
  • Sunny Si Suwanmethanont
  • Vangoe Ratchapon  

Release Date

My Boo Synopsis
My Boo Synopsis

My Boo is a selection of horror movies that are suitable for all ages to watch. You can watch it with your family on the weekend. Besides offering a gripping scary atmosphere, this movie also presents comedy elements that will make you laugh.

The movie hits theaters in Indonesian cinemas after being released in Thailand since early May. A&Z Filmz, RA Pictures, and Shen Entertainment, the producers of the film, have scheduled the movie to hit theaters from June 19, 2024.

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