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Pixar Prepares New Movie Project for Cars

Pixar is rumored to be making a new movie project for Cars. This was revealed by Jay Ward in an interview at the 2023 Porsche Reunion Event.

Animation studio Pixar is planning a new movie for the Cars franchise that is currently in development.

Jay Ward revealed this information in an interview during the 2023 Porsche Reunion Event by The Late Brake Show. During the interview, host Jonny Smith asked Pixar’s creative director about the next Cars project.

Ward admitted that they are working on a new Cars project. However, the project will not be released in the next few years. This is natural given the long development time and process. Nonetheless, Disney seems ready to deliver another popular franchise.

There are more Cars (movies) in development, I can’t say much yet. Cars already has a life that will continue. I’m working on a really fun project right now that you’ll see in a few years. It takes a little while to make.”” 

In the interview, Jeff Ward also admitted that for Pixar they did not expect that Cars would be so popular over time. Jeff Ward also revealed that Pixar didn’t expect Cars to be so popular as the years went by.

New Movie Projects Other than Cars

cars movie
cars movie

Many fans have missed the story of Lightning McQueen and other characters. Cars 3 told the story of how McQueen chose to retire from racing and give the younger generation a chance to take to the racetrack. Perhaps Cars 4 will continue the story after McQueen becomes a mentor like Doc Hudson.

As it turns out, it’s not just the Cars franchise that is preparing its next project. At an investor meeting earlier this year, Disney CEO Bog Iger hinted that several other franchises would also release sequels. These franchises are Frozen, Zootopia, and Toy Story. This news must be very exciting for fans considering the situation they are in.

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