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Plankton: The Movie Synopsis, the Second Spongebob Movie Spin-off

Here is the synopsis of the second Spongebob Squarepants movie spin-off, Plankton: The Movie. The movie will highlight the character

Netflix has announced a new movie called Plankton: The Movie. The synopsis of Plankton: The Movie itself will tell the story of Plankton’s attempt to rule the world.

The movie is the second spin-off of SpongeBob SquarePants after Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie which is set to hit Netflix in August 2024.

Over the years, several movies have been launched in the world of SpongeBob Squarepants. However, all of these movies feature stories about SpongeBob and Patrick Star’s friendship, such as in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004), Sponge Out of Water (2015), and Sponge on the Run (2021).

It’s no surprise that the movie Plankton: The Movie is highly anticipated by fans as it focuses on the iconic villain character Plankton. What is the story of the movie and when will it be on Netflix?

Plankton: The Movie Synopsis

Plankton: The Movie Synopsis
Plankton: The Movie Synopsis

On Thursday (6/6), Deadline reported that the animated film will tell the story of the chaotic world of Plankton after a plan to rule the world fails.

Plankton, who owns a Chum Bucket restaurant business that is losing out to the Krusty Krab, will struggle alongside Karen, a waterproof computer who also happens to be his best friend and even his wife.

Dave Needham will be the director of the movie. Previously, he has successfully directed films such as Penguins of Madagascar (2014), Trolls (2016), and The Lego Batman Movie (2017).

Mr. Lawrence himself will be the scriptwriter. Some of the voice actors in the film include Mr. Lawrence as Plankton, Jill Talley as Karen Plankton, and Tom Kenny as SpongeBob SquarePants.

Furthermore, there are also Bill Fagerbakke, Carolyn Lawrence, Clancy Brown, and Rodger Bumpass. The movie Plankton: The Movie will be the first debut for the character whose full name is Sheldon J. Plankton.

Not only will Plankton have his own movie, Netflix will also be showing Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie, which will be the first movie to focus on the sea-dwelling squirrel character.

Release Date

Plankton: The Movie Synopsis
Plankton: The Movie Synopsis

If Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie airs on August 2, 2024, then Plankton: The Movie will be available on Netflix in 2025.

Who can’t wait to see the return of Plankton’s ambition to rule the world? It’s going to be very interesting.

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