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Scarlett Witch is set to return to the MCU

Scarlett Witch is set to return to the MCU. The actress who played her, Elizabeth Olsen (WandaVision) recently did a tease.

Scarlett Witch is undeniably an important and powerful character in the MCU. This antihero figure, whose real name is Wanda Maximoff, has powers that are far stronger and superior to other superheroes.

We’ve certainly seen it all in her MCU appearances so far. Especially her appearances in the WandaVision series (2021) and the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie (2022).

Scarlett Witch MCU

Scarlet Witch's Sacrifice | Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse Of Madness (2022) IMAX • 4K HDR

Now talking about Wanda’s appearance in the Multiverse of Madness. As we know in the ending of the movie, Wanda after regretting all her actions, decided to destroy all Darkhold books throughout the multiverse.

As a result of her decision, Wanda can be said to have sacrificed herself. Now when we see this, many of us then feel very curious. Specifically, are we really curious if Scarlett Witch is already dead or will she return to the MCU?

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Well that question was recently cryptically answered by Olsen through the Comfest Con 2023 event.

Wanting to Return to the MCU

In confirming it, Olsen isn’t technically confirming it 100% either. What does that mean? Take a look at Olsen’s statement below.

“Honestly, if I tell you all what I want, it will spoil everything. This is because Kevin Feige sincerely asked me what I wanted for Scarlett Witch. After I gave the answer, Feige immediately granted everything. So I don’t know if I can share, but obviously if asked again, I want to return as Scarlett Witch!” Said Elizabeth Olsen.

Looks like it’s coming back


Well from this cryptic answer, it seems that we can be sure that Olsen will indeed return as Scarlett Witch in the MCU.

And if you think about it, we don’t need to doubt this anymore. Because it would be really strange if Scarlett Witch didn’t come back. Because all the chaos of the multiverse is also caused by her.

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So yes, in other words, if he doesn’t come back, it’s the same as he escapes his “responsibility.” But for more details, let’s just wait for more official confirmation, okay?

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