7 Marvel Superheroes Who Have Fought Many Battles

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a very popular superhero franchise. Given that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has many characters ranging from superheroes to villains, there must also be many characters who act in Marvel films. Speaking of characters who have seen a lot of action, this time we will discuss Marvel Superheroes who fought in many battles.

The character we will discuss this time is a Superhero who often appears when there is a villain. In addition, they also managed to win the battle, aka successfully defeating the enemy they fought.


Here’s a Marvel Superhero Who Fought Many Battles

Who are the Marvel superheroes who have won many battles? Here’s a Marvel superhero who’s been in a lot of battles.

1. Black Widow

Black Widow
Black Widow | Marvel Studios

The first Marvel superhero is Black Widow. For those of you who don’t know before becoming a superhero Black Widow or Natasha Romanoff was told as a girl recruited by the Red Room.

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If we recall, Black Widow is one of the members of the Avengers who often deal with criminals. Even so, Black Widow also often wins these fights.

2. Hawkeye

Hawkeye | Marvel superhero who took part in many battles
Hawkeye | Marvel Studios

The next Marvel superhero who fought many battles is Hawkeye. The character, whose real name is Clint, is one of the Avengers members who does not have superpowers, but he is often an important figure for the Avengers to win fights.

With his martial arts skills, archery techniques and intelligence. Hawkeye or Clint can know the weaknesses of the enemy, uniquely when the Avengers face the enemy, and there is no Hawkeye, they will usually lose.

3. Captain America

Captain America | Marvel superhero who fought many battles
Captain America | Marvel Studios

The next Marvel superhero who participated in many battles was Captain America. For those of you who love superheroes or who have a hobby of watching movies, you must know this character.

Well Captain America is a very good and pure-hearted superhero. The proof is that he was able to lift Thor’s Mjolnir hammer. Uniquely, Captain America has always been the key to the Avengers team to defeat their enemies.

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4. Iron Man

Iron Man
Iron Man | Marvel Studios

Then there’s Iron Man, just like Captain America, Iron Man is one of the most recognizable superhero characters. The problem is that Iron Man uses technologically advanced armor to fight his enemies.

If Captain America is the spearhead or last line of defense for the Avengers, then Iron Man is the brains of the Avengers. With his intelligence, Tony Stark can always devise a plan so that the Avengers can defeat their enemies.

5. Hulk

Hulk | Marvel Studios

The next Marvel superhero to participate in many battles is the Hulk. Who doesn’t know this superhero? A superhero who has a very large body with a green body.

We can see from his posture that this Hulk has great destructive power. Because of this, Hulk often wins fights, then he also often helps other superheroes when fighting strong enemies.

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6. Thor

Thor | Marvel superhero who participated in many battles
Thor | Marvel Studios

The next Marvel superhero who participated in many battles was Thor. As we know, the Nordic God of Thunder is one of the Marvel superheroes who joined the Avengers team.

As a god, Thor certainly has extraordinary strength, with this power Thor managed to defeat many strong enemies. Not only that, considering Thor is strong, this Thor figure can be a substitute for Captain America when he is absent.

7. Spider-Man

Spider Man
Spider Man | Marvel Studios

The Marvel superhero who participated in many of the last battles is Spider-Man. This superhero who has spider-like powers is one of the most famous superheroes and also a figure close to Tony Stark.

Although not as strong as Thor, Captain America and Hulk, this Spider-Man is agile so he can defeat his enemies quickly. In addition, Peter Parker or Spider-Man is a smart character, so he can plan quickly.

Demikianlah superhero Marvel yang mengikuti dan memenangkan banyak pertempuran. Setelah membaca artikel ini dan melihat daftarnya, kira-kira nih kalian suka aksi siapa? Terus jangan lupa untuk selalu mengunjungi Dafunda.

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