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Taylor Swift Confirmed Not to Appear in Deadpool 3 Movie

Rumors that Taylor Swift will appear in Deadpool 3 or Deadpool & Wolverine have been confirmed to be untrue.

Taylor Swift, a famous pop singer, confirmed that she will not be appearing in the movie Deadpool 3 as many had expected.

One of the reasons why the Deadpool 3 or Deadpool & Wolverine movie is highly anticipated by fans is because of the appearance of the two superheroes. In addition, there will reportedly be many cameo who will appear in the movie.

One of the rumors that many fans are talking about is the possibility of Taylor Swift.

Rumors of Taylor Swift Appearing in Deadpool 3 Turn out to be Untrue


There is news circulating that Taylor Swift will appear in Deadpool 3. Reportedly she will be a mutant character named Dazzler who has a talent for singing.

The news is getting stronger with photos on social media showing Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy with Taylor Swift watching an American Football game in support of Swift’s partner.

However, it seems that the rumors have been confirmed. According to an exclusive report from Entertainment Weekly, we can confirm that Taylor Swift will not be appearing in Deadpool 3, which will be released in July.

The report is based on their observation of the movie’s latest poster. In the poster, Deadpool and Wolverine are seen wearing friendship bracelets similar to those used by Taylor Swift fans.

On the poster, neither Dazzler nor Taylor Swift can be seen. While many believe that Taylor Swift will appear in the movie, there are also those who think it is just a marketing trick. A report from Entertainment Weekly also confirmed this. However, we still have to test the truth when the movie hits theaters in July.

As of now, there is no information on who will be making cameo appearances in the movie. For sure, characters from the previous movie will return, such as Blind Al, Dopinder, Vanessa, and even mutants like Yukio will also reappear according to the trailer.

This is the only movie Marvel Studios will release in 2024. We can only hope that Deadpool & Wolverine will deliver something truly spectacular.

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