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Toy Story 5 Director Revealed

Pixar has reportedly already determined the person who will be the director of the animation Toy Story 5. This film project can also be considered quite surprising.

An executive from animation studio Pixar, revealed that the director for their latest movie project, Toy Story 5, is already set.

In the news, it was mentioned that Pixar is developing a new movie called Toy Story 5. After no further information about this project, yesterday a new report related to the film appeared.

Andrew Stanton to direct Toy Story 5

Andrew Stanton to direct Toy Story 5
Andrew Stanton to direct Toy Story 5

According to a report from The MontyVerse, Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer Pete Docter gave an update on the project during the Inside Out 2 premiere. According to the Pixar executive, Andrew Stanton will be the director of Toy Story 5. Andrew has also been involved in the previous Toy Story franchise.

Andrew Stanton is someone Pixar is very familiar with in the Toy Story franchise. He served as a co-writer on the Toy Story films released in 1999 and 2019.

In addition, he also served as an executive producer on the Lightyear spinoff and directed the films Wall-E and Finding Nemo. The decision to choose Stanton was the right one according to Pixar.

Fans surprised by Toy Story 5 project

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Toy Story 5 project

The Toy Story animated film franchise has become one of the most popular franchises. In the third movie, fans thought that the Toy Story story had ended when Andy gave his toys to Bony as an adult.

However, Pixar then surprised everyone by releasing Toy Story 4 which was said to be the last movie. In fact, Tim Allen and Tom Hanks also said goodbye to everyone.

However, fans were again surprised by the announcement that Pixar would be releasing Toy Story 5. News of this film project was first announced in 2023 by Bob Iger, the boss of Disney.

After receiving mixed reviews for the Lightyear spinoff, Pixar decided to bring in Stanton as the director for Toy Story 5. They hope that with Stanton’s presence, the animated toy franchise can regain its former success.

As is known, Lightyear has caused controversy in several countries, one of which is because of the element of lgbt. Let’s just wait for the latest information about the Toy Story 5 movie.

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