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Will There be an X-Men ’97 Season 2?

Episode 10 is the final episode of the first season of Marvel's animated X-Men '97. Then, will Marvel release X-Men '97 season 2?

After completing 10 episodes, will there be a X-Men ’97 season 2?

Since launching the first episode on March 20, X-Men ’97 will end its first season with the release of the 10th episode on May 15, 2024.

Professor X return to Earth did not bring joy to the members of the X-Men team. They have to deal with a serious threat from Magneto, one of the team members they are closest to.

End of episode 10


In the tenth episode, the X-Men team faced off against a true evil character, Bastion. Although they lost their best member to Bastion, the X-Men finally managed to defeat their enemy after a fierce battle.

The character of Bastion was only introduced in a few episodes before the end, and he has responsibility for the X-Men’s bad reputation as mutants protecting Earth.

Not only X-Men ’97 Season 2, Marvel is also preparing for Season 3

X-men '97
X-men ’97

X-Men ’97 will continue its story in the second season after an exciting ending. In fact, this certainty was announced earlier in the year before the first season premiere episode aired.

According to a report from Comic Book on Wednesday (15/5/2024), producer Brad Winderbaum revealed that there is a development process for the second season of the X-Men ’97 animated series. However, there is no certainty regarding the release date for this second season.

In addition to guaranteeing a second season, Marvel Studios has also reportedly given approval to continue the X-Men ’97 animated series into a third season.

According to the producers, they will still use the concept of animation with a 90s feel. They will continue what they did in the first season. Marvel made a direct announcement for two new seasons of the X-Men ’97 animated series!

X-Men ’97 is a direct continuation of the X-Men animated series that was popular in the 90s. In this series, Team X-Men must learn to adapt to life without Professor X after he leaves.

During this transition, they had to deal with new challenges. Threats from anti-mutant groups are increasing, coupled with the emergence of a very dangerous enemy.

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