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SHINee Key set for solo comeback next month

One of the members of SM Entertainment’s second generation Kpop group SHINee, Key, will soon make a comeback as a soloist next month. This news has been confirmed by SM Entertainment by saying that the 31-year-old singer is preparing his comeback song material.

Currently, the news about Key SHINee’s comeback is still just a confirmation. Neither Key nor SM Entertainment has revealed details about the concept and leaked songs that will be in the comeback of the SHINee group’s Lead Rapper.

Agency confirms comeback next month

Key SHINee
Key SHINee | Allkpop

SHINee’s Key will soon make a comeback with the release of a repackage solo album in February. After a number of Korean media reported on the idol’s latest solo project and comeback. SM Entertainment as the agency that houses Key SHINee then confirmed that Key is preparing music for release next month.

“Key is preparing for the release of the second repackage long album with a target release of February. Please look forward to this,” SM Entertainment wrote in its official statement as we quoted from CNN Media.

Even so. Until now, neither Key nor SM Entertainment has provided various important things such as the release schedule. As well as the concept and details of the songs that will exist, they are still kept tight.

Key Back in Just 6 Months

The comeback of the singer whose real name is Kim Ki Bum is in addition to being his first time this year. As well as being the second time in a close period of time. Previously, the SHINee group’s Lead Rapper had released an album titled Gasonline on August 30, 2022 yesterday.

Meanwhile, the SHINee group itself still has no news when its members will reunite. Since the death of Lead Vocal Jonghyun in 2017. The group led by Onew has been active with a formation of 4 members.

However, the busyness between members as well as the conscription calls of each member in recent years have made this group like a ‘vacuum’. Last time, the four of them got together with the release of the mini album Atlantis in January 2021. And Superstar for their comeback in Japan in June of the same year.

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