Vegapunk Devil Fruit User, One Piece Manga Chapter 1067 Discussion

Finally the One Piece manga chapter 1067 has been published by Shueisha. In chapter 1067, it is the same as the previous chapter where we will not see many battle scenes. Even so, chapter 1067 provides information that is no less important, such as Vegapunk is a demon fruit user.

Then the Giant Robot that Vegapunk repaired turned out to be from 900 years ago and had attacked Mary Goise about 200 years ago. At the end of the chapter, we will see Kuma suddenly resurrect while being repaired.


The following is a discussion of Manga One Piece Chapter 1067

So what is this One Piece manga chapter 1067 about? Then let’s check the full discussion below.

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1. Devil Fruit User Vegapunk

Vegapunk Devil Fruit User | One Piece 1067 manga
Devil Fruit User Vegapunk|©Eiichiro Oda

So at the beginning of chapter 1067, we will see Luffy’s team chatting with Vegapunk. In the chapter, Bonney asked why Vegapunk’s head was small or like a normal person, whereas before Vegapunk’s head was very large.

Vegapunk explained that he ate the demon fruit Nomi Nomi no Mi which made Vegapunk a brain man. With the devil fruit, Vegapunk could remember all knowledge indefinitely, but in return his brain capacity would expand and make Vegapunk’s head even bigger.

2. Vegapunk is a Perfectionist

Vegapunk is a Perfectionist
Vegapunk is a Perfectionist|©Eiichiro Oda

In addition, Vegapunk had asked Luffy about the conditions in Wano, Vegapunk heard the news that in Wano there appeared a dragon besides Kaido and Luffy agreed to Vegapunk’s words. Luffy said the dragon was Momonosuke.

Vegapunk tells us that Momonosuke ate the demon fruit he left at Punk Hazard, a demon he created based on Kaido’s lineage. But his creation failed because it was pink and Vegapunk was a perfectionist.

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3. The Robot Vegapunk Fixes Once Attacked Mary Goise 200 Years Ago

The Robot That Vegapunk Fixed Once Attacked Mary Goise 200 Years Ago
The Robot That Vegapunk Fixes Once Attacked Mary Goise 200 Years Ago|©Eiichiro Oda

After discussing Vegapunk’s product, the artificial devil fruit, Luffy suddenly asked Vegapunk to move the robot and asked if Vegapunk made the robot.

Vegapunk replied that he didn’t make it, but the robot had been around for 900 years and had attacked Mary Goise 200 years ago. But unfortunately the robot suddenly and could not move anymore, until now Vegapunk is still looking for fuel to move the robot.

4. Vegapunk Wants the Straw Hats Group to Take Him Away

Vegapunk wants the straw hat group to take him away
Vegapunk Wants the Straw Hat Gang to Take Him Away|©Eiichiro Oda

Then Vegapunk asked Luffy for help, that is, he wanted the Straw Hat group to take Vegapunk away from Egghead Island. Perhaps the Straw Hats group did not know the reason why Vegapunk wanted to leave the island.

But as we can guess, the possible reason why Vegapunk wants to leave the island is because he doesn’t want to die being killed by the world government, or wants to meet the Revolutionary forces and repair the damaged Kuma.

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5. Kuma Suddenly Rises While Being Repaired

Kuma Suddenly Rises While Being Repaired | One Piece 1067 manga
Kuma Suddenly Rises While Being Repaired|©Eiichiro Oda

The scene now moves to where the Revolutionary forces are gathered. Kuma, who was being repaired, suddenly got up and ran away, of course the staff of the Revolutionary army were shocked by Kuma’s actions.

Even Dragon cried out asking Kuma where he wanted to go. But in our opinion, this Kuma is aware that Vegapunk and Bonney are in danger, considering CP-0 is heading towards Egghead Island. It could be moving towards Egghead to protect Vegapunk and Bonney.

Thus the discussion of the One Piece manga chapter 1067. After reading this article and seeing the discussion, what do you think about this chapter? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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