History Has Changed, Boruto Is Now the Enemy of the World!

After waiting for a long time, finally Boruto: Naruto Next Generation manga chapter 79 has released. According to the information we got, chapter 79 will show the exchange of destinies between Boruto and Kawaki. Simply put, Kawaki changed Boruto’s destiny, where Boruto is currently the enemy of one world.

The reason why Kawaki changed Boruto’s fate was explained in chapter 77, where Kawaki expressed his wish to Naruto, which was to eliminate all Otsutsuki including Boruto. However, Naruto opposed this so they argued and in the end Kawaki sent Naruto and Hinata to another dimension.

Boruto is the World’s Number One Enemy!


According to rumors, in chapter 79, Shikamaru mobilized all available Shinobi to find Kawaki. Now on the run Kawaki was exhausted and had time to rest, then Eida used the power to find Kawaki’s location.

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Finally Eida found Kawaki, then she confessed that she was worried about Kawaki and that she would always be by Kawaki’s side. From their conversation, Kawaki raved about his desire to protect Naruto and become Naruto’s biological son.

After hearing Kawaki’s story and wishes, Eida immediately used his full power to rewrite history. Now Eida has swapped Boruto and Kawaki, now Boruto is the enemy of Konoha and the alliance because he is accused of killing Naruto and Hinata.

As for Kawaki, now he is Naruto and Hinata’s biological son, and his name has changed to Uzumaki Kawaki. On the one hand Mitsuki, who uses Sage Mode, immediately attacks Boruto and at the end of the page Momoshiki explains that Kawaki is now Naruto’s real son who was born and raised in Konoha village.

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These are the spoilers for the Boruto manga: Naruto Next Generation chapter 79 where Boruto becomes an enemy of one world. After reading this article, do you think this Boruto manga has started to be exciting? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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