Is it true that the Boruto series is Naruto’s Mugen Tsukuyomi?

As we know Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is a continuation of Naruto, because the Naruto series itself is finished. But some time ago, Naruto Official Twitter posted an announcement about Naruto. Because of this post, fans began to wonder if the Boruto Mugen Tsukuyomi Naruto series?

The problem is that the announcement did not reveal further information, it only mentioned 17.12.2022. So many assume that Naruto will continue again, there are also those who say that Naruto got a remake adaptation.


Is the Boruto Mugen Tsukuyomi Naruto Series?

Apakah Serial Boruto Mugen Tsukuyomi Naruto?
Is the Boruto Mugen Series Tsukuyomi Naruto? twitter

As we mentioned earlier, there is still no clear information on what happens on 17.12.2022 for Naruto. But the strong reason why many hope Naruto continues, because the Boruto series is not good. Many characters in Naruto are actually strong, but when they enter the Boruto era, they turn into weak characters.

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For example Sasuke who lost Rinnegan because of Boruto’s impromptu attack, Shikamaru who openly said there was no plan when fighting the enemy. Even though he is one of the smartest characters in Naruto.

There are still many characters in Naruto who become weak when entering the Boruto era, so that makes many Naruto fans disappointed. So when there was this announcement, many fans hoped that Boruto was Mugen Tsukuyomi Naruto.

What is Mugen Tsukuyomi?

Apa Itu Mugen Tsukuyomi?
What is Mugen Tsukuyomi? ©Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot

For those of you who have forgotten, so in the Naruto series there is one Genjutsu technique or illusion that is very strong and the scale of the illusion is very large, namely Mugen Tsukuyomi. To be able to create Mugen Tsukuyomi requires preparation and a long process.

In the fourth shinobi world war, Madara successfully used the Mugen Tsukuyomi technique and many people were affected by Genjutsu, only Team 7 was not affected by Genjutsu. According to the story like that, but what happens if Team 7 is also affected by Mugen Tsukuyomi?

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And Boruto’s story is Naruto’s fantasy, where his goal of becoming a Hokage is achieved and has a happy family.

Will Naruto Really Continue?

Benarkah Naruto Akan Lanjut?
Is Naruto Really Going to Continue? ©Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot

Now the question is whether Boruto is Naruto’s Mugen Tsukuyomi? In our opinion, Boruto is not Mugen Tsukuyomi, but canon is a continuation of Naruto. Even if Boruto is forced to become Mugen Tsukuyomi Naruto, it will be destroyed, because it is too imposing.

Not to mention that the Boruto series deviates from the definition of Mugen Tsukuyomi. So Mugen Tsukuyomi shows an illusion that can make the trapped person happy, while so far Naruto’s life in Boruto is not all happy there is something that makes him sad.

Like Naruto lost Kurama, his son Boruto became an Otsutsuki container, repeatedly Naruto almost died, Konoha village was also destroyed. So it is likely that 17.12.2022 means that the Naruto anime gets a remake, or the release of a new Naruto game.

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Thus the discussion about whether Boruto Mugen Tsukuyomi Naruto? After reading this article, what do you think, is the announcement about the Naruto remake or Naruto continuing? Then don’t forget to always visit Dafunda.

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