Theories on Whether Vegapunk’s Devil Fruit is a Failed Product?

Momonosuke is one of the most famous One Piece characters. The reason why he can be hit by this one boy is perverted and whiny, even so Momonosuke has the power that can turn him into a dragon. The power comes from Vegapunk’s artificial devil fruit, speaking of artificial devil fruit, this time we will theorize whether Vegapunk’s artificial devil fruit is a failure?

After seeing the Wano Arc yesterday, of course we wondered why Vegapunk’s devil fruit was considered a failure. Even though Momonosuke can transform like Kaido’s dragon and even has the same power.


Is Vegapunk’s Devil Fruit a Failure?

So why is Vegapunk’s devil fruit considered a failure? If you’re curious, you can check out the full explanation below.

1. The Pink Momonosuke Dragon

Momonosuke's Dragon is Pink
Momonosuke’s Dragon is Pink|©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

When the Wano War happened, we got a glimpse of Kaido’s flashback with King. At that time Kaido was captured and briefly became an experimental material, possibly Kaido’s DNA was used to produce artificial devil fruit.

If Kaido’s dragon is blue, then Momonosuke’s dragon is pink. Perhaps this is the reason why it is considered a failure, because it does not match the original appearance. Besides, it could be that Momonosuke’s dragon power is not as strong as Kaido’s dragon.

2. Vegapunk Feared His Creation Was Used By The World Government

Vegapunk is afraid of his copyright being used by the World Government
Vegapunk is Afraid of His Creation Being Used by the World Government|©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

Meanwhile, in chapter 1066, it is revealed that Vegapunk has a Dragon relationship. The reason why Vegapunk joined World Government was because he needed capital to create his works.

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Even though he works for the World Government, Vegapunk does not like the World Government’s actions that destroyed Ohara and is grateful that Dragon wants to secure Ohara’s legacy. Seeing this fact, it could be that Vegapunk lied about his demon fruit creation failing.

The reason why he lied was because he was afraid that the World Government would use the results of his research to make more cruel actions.

3. Vegapunk is a perfectionist

Vegapunk is a perfectionist
Vegapunk is a perfectionist|©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

As we mentioned in the previous point, it’s likely that Vegapunk is a perfectionist, so any small differences make him less than pleased. This is evident in how his clones are more focused on making research and collecting data.

What’s more Vegapunk had read all of Ohara’s legacy books, there could be information that the devil fruit was created by the ancient kingdom and Vegapunk wanted to replicate it perfectly.

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Thus, is Vegapunk’s devil fruit theory a failure? After reading this article, what do you think, did it really fail or did Vegapunk deliberately lie? Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda.

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